How to Research a Company for a Job Interview


When applying for a job, We tend to apply at many companies all at once. Then you get a call from one of the companies and you don’t recall which company it was. We have all been there! The recruitment agencies and online job portals have made applying for jobs so easy, that 3 clicks and you become a candidate, just like that. But, when you have a job interview scheduled with a company then you must know about the company. The research can motivate you to do well in your interview or sometimes to withdraw your candidature, Here’s how you research a company.

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What to Wear to an Interview: Outfits & Attire (Women & Men)

Interview Dress Code

Tricky? It’s not. Hiring managers are not fashion-degree holders (unless you are applying for a job in the fashion/ entertainment industry). The key is to not appear disrespectful of someone’s presence and time. There are more don’ts than there are do’s here, Fashionably safe is the keyword you are looking for. But, let’s break it down for you:

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How to Explain an Employment Gap on Your Resume

resume gaps

How to deal with resume gaps?

What are resume gaps? It is the time off between two jobs, and it is more common than you think. India is a tough job market, with fewer jobs and many candidates for those jobs. It is a volatile market for companies and businesses, some start-ups that don’t work lay their staff off, companies that expect a certain target achievement lay off people in failure of target achievements.

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How To Start Thinking About A Career Change – Shrofile


Thinking of career change?

The internet has outrun the conventional career options with opportunities that make you rich and famous. With skills of all kinds having an internet audience, any educational qualification, and work experience can seem not enough. The possibilities are such with newer career options like AI developer, App development, Vlogger, Youtuber, etc. You could be sitting at home reviewing pizzas from around the world and having a million viewers and sponsors that is also a job now. So, to not get overwhelmed and approach this as an opportunity can be very helpful, here are a few things to guide you:

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What do Placement Consultants do? | Shrofile

Placement Consultacny

What are placement consultancies?

Consider it like a network that connects the jobs and job seeker, or consider it like a bank, where companies deposit their vacancies and withdraw suitable candidates. It is a database of jobs available and available candidates for those jobs. Placement consultancies help both the companies and job-seekers. In a competitive job market like India, you will find placement consultants in all big cities of the country.

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What is bulk-hiring?

As the name explains, It is when hiring is done in bulk. It is hiring a workforce essentially to deliver a product, service opr solution to the end customer. Bulk hiring is done for companies that need a large number of people to perform a simple but labour or time demanding task, for eg. Delivery agents, Customer care agents, trainees at a manufacturing unit, drivers etc.

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How to build your IT team?


For the world that’s growing and breathing technology, IT is the essence of this atmosphere. When an idea becomes a brand, gains loyalty, and an audience, It is always backed by great IT support. To develop an idea you need IT, and a good IT team means half the battle won for any business. The following tips will help you recruit the right people in your IT department:

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