How to Explain an Employment Gap on Your Resume

How to deal with resume gaps?

What are resume gaps? It is the time off between two jobs, and it is more common than you think. India is a tough job market, with fewer jobs and many candidates for those jobs. It is a volatile market for companies and businesses, some start-ups that don’t work lay their staff off, companies that expect a certain target achievement lay off people in failure of target achievements.

Finding jobs in India is a struggle and so, resume gaps are a common phenomenon. You as a candidate applying for jobs should approach this with the right mindset and It can be gracefully dealt with. Here are a few steps to guide you through it:

Should I be honest about gaps in my resume?

A 100% yes. HR managers do background checks before hiring candidates especially for important roles in the company, for eg. Senior-level hirings and mid-level hirings. If your lie is detected, you can face offer take-backs. Recruitments agencies also run a background check on candidates for companies as a part of their HR support practices, therefore It’s best to address the facts. One must always be honest about their resume gaps.

How to explain resume gaps in an interview?

Practice and perfect your answer. It should sound like an explanation and not as an excuse. Don’t dodge the question, answer it with a calm mind. Explain the circumstances under which you had to leave the previous company. HR recruiters in India are aware of the fact that finding a job can take time. So, make it known that you have been applying for jobs, and the previous company did not work out for you for some valid reasons. Communicate your expectations from your career, and how this job can make you achieve those expectations. You can also seek help from recruitment agencies, you will find good recruitment agencies in all big cities of India, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, where ever you live there are good recruitment agencies in all these cities. Recruitment assistance is also available online, Shrofile offers you assistance and support if you are looking out for jobs. We provide you with interview preparation content and a team of experienced HR professionals that can give you career guidance. We collaborate with companies across the country and some international companies also, So we definitely have some suitable job options for you.

How to have the right attitude about resume gaps?

Absolutely, have the right attitude. Stay positive. If the hiring manager has a couple of extra questions, answer them patiently. Addressing all the questions with the perfect professional explanation is very important. Resume gaps can be explained, so practice as many questions related to this subject. Lack of interest in explaining the resume gaps will not be helpful in making a good first impression. If you need assistance in practicing your answers, use Shrofile’s practice platform and get more tips on answers in our videos section.
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