Placement Consultants

Placement Consultants

Shrofile as a placement consultancy offers customized unique solutions to both companies and job-seekers. India is a difficult job market and we want to make it simple for both people offering jobs and people seeking jobs.

Best Placement Consultants

We have a team of people that has helped employers find the right employees for many many years. Our founder Neha thrives in making the opportunities to meet the right people.

Shrofile as a Placement consultants / Recruitment consultants in Gurgaon, Delhi Ncr offers customized unique solutions to both companies and job-seekers. India is a difficult job market and we want to make it simple for both people offering jobs and people seeking jobs.

Shrofile hr Consultants are fastest growing placement agency in Delhi Ncr. It’s rated as one of the most Credible Placement agency in Gurgaon.

What we offer to the Company

Experienced team and advanced technology. Our recruitment team is experienced and passionate about finding the best people for your business. We listen and understand the nature, objective, and goal of your business, and based on that we assist you with a database of qualified candidates that best match the criteria.

We also provide you assistance with developing policies and reward systems etc. We also negotiate on the budget with the candidates and find you resources in your company budget.

We use advanced technological tools to scan the resumes to avoid any manual error and this makes sure that your criteria of qualification remains intact. We conduct preliminary virtual interviews with an AI-enabled tool that makes it time and labour effective and glitch proof.

Placement Consultants for Corporate Companies

Shrofile HR Agency in India What is the offer for job-seekers?

Placement Consultants in Delhi Gurgaon India

We offer them a dedicated team to find them the jobs they are looking for and a platform to practice interviews. We constantly develop our content in form of blogs and videos for interview tips. With candidates from bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, etc. there is an added advantage of exposure to opportunities and interview that candidates from smaller cities may lack.

We wish to create a learning environment for candidates that want to excel in job interviews and we are constantly working towards making that happen. We realize the popularity of virtual interviews and we have created a platform on Shrofile where you can practice virtual interviews. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, so go try it for yourself! It is learning with fun and eliminates the pressure of learning in a group and being hesitant about other’s judgment.

With our interview preparation tool, you can learn from the comfort of your home and privacy, with an AI tool installed that gives you elaborate feedback on areas of improvement and you can keep practicing and learning. There are videos to help you answer the difficult questions in job interviews, and for any other help and information you can reach out to us by clicking on the contact us button.

We wish to bring a change in the way people approach interviews and how companies scan their candidates to make the process efficient and enjoyable. Bringing experience and technology with a lot of passion we look forward to hearing from you.

Placement Consultancy Services In Delhi

Shrofile is a leading company in "Executive Search" for Managerial & Top management positions in all disciplines like Product Manager, Senior program advisor, Regional Brand Manager, Senior manager- Marketing research , Senior manager- Marketing research , Accounting manager, Accounting manager, Brand Manager, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, HR and IT and Non IT etc. Maintaining high standards of ethics and fair play has become, our working philosophy, which has helped us to meet our client's requirements, thus building enduring relationships.

How We're Different

At Shrofile, we understand your plight and make it our business to help you out. We help you focus on your core business activities while we take care of the ancillary, trivial tasks.

Our team is the Best HR consultancy in Delhi, India that offers personalized HR outsourcing services and payroll outsourcing services for all kinds of organizations. We are one of the leading Job Consultant in Gurgaon, India and are geared to support your business operations, as we offer dedicated support to your routine activities, resolving multiple challenges that you face every day!

Interested in knowing more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Shrofile placement HR Consultancy, Read our latest information to stay up to date with all the latest HR issues.

  • What is a placement consultant?

    A Placement consultant is an intermediary between an organisation wishing to recruit (the client) and the individual seeking a career move or temporary assignment.

  • Shrofile One of the best Placement Agencies in India, Shrofile is a Recruitment/Job Consultancy offers a comprehensive range of services: Specialized in Strategic HR solutions and Executive Search with the aim of supporting businesses of all sizes.

  • Consider it like a network that connects the jobs and job seeker, or consider it like a bank, where companies deposit their vacancies and withdraw suitable candidates. It is a database of jobs available and available candidates for those jobs. Placement consultancies help both the companies and job-seekers.

    In a competitive job market like India, you will find placement consultants in all big cities of the country.

  • They create a database of candidates, from colleges and online resume collection and seggregate those resumes in categories of qualifications.

    Resumes of engineers, and management trainees and teachers etc. are organised accordingly and depending what a company is looking for that category of resumes is made accessible to the company. Similarly, they maintain a database of available jobs and when a job seeker approaches them they assist them apply for their suitable job.

    Placement consultants also work with colleges and institutions of India and connect them with companies for the placement season of the graduating students.

    IT companies in India are known for hiring students during their placement drives, and placement consultancies bring the two together. Bulk-Hirings in India is another popular concept which is assisted by placement consultancies.

  • Ease, for many job vacancies there is no-need for an intense process of scrutiny of the candidates and just a basic set of qualifications is stated for those roles.

    It is not effective for the companies to invest time in finding the candidates and this is when placement consultants provide them with an organised database of suitable candidates.

    These placement consultancies also develop policies and payroll documents based on companies budget and requirements, so the HR of the company has to only make the final selections after these shotlistings and a lot of time and effort is saved for the company.

  • They get to choose. When a job-seeker approaches a placement consultant they are presented with options of companies and options of jobs available.

    Placement consultants work with big companies, medium sized companies and also for small start-ups these days, There is the choice factor for the candidates in terms of exposure. They also have a network developed with the HR of companies and you reaching out to them, increases your chances of getting noticed.

    They sometimes also have interview training sessions that you can benefit from. We at Shrofile are constantly updating on our content for helping you in the interview-preparations.

    We also give you a digital platform to practice your virtual interviews, given the popularity of virtual-interviews these days, we recommend you checking it out.

    We also help you record your virtual-interview practice videos for you to have a better understanding of what you need to improve.

    We back up our virtual-interview preparations with AI’s that gives you an ellaborate feedback about what you did wonderfully and what you need to improve.

    Read more about it on our services page. So, it is an organized market-place where some shop for jobs and other’s shop for the right candidate. The metaphors used to explain placement consultancies are to remain reserved, just like Shrofile reserves your candidature for finding you the best suitable job. We look forward to helping you through you interviews/ career and finding the right candidates.

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