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HR Consulting

A team of experienced and dynamic HR Professionals makes Shrofile a leading result oriented HR Consulting firm in Delhi India.

Human Resources (HR) Consultancy Firms in Delhi

A team of experienced and dynamic HR Professionals makes Shrofile a leading result oriented HR Consulting firm in India. We have been working across industries and serving businesses of all sizes - small, medium, and large multinational corporates. We have experience across industry domains ranging from hospitality, financial services, healthcare, fashion to BPO and high-tech.

With a seasoned team of HR Professionals, pragmatic client centric approach and focused adoption of technology-led innovation - “SHROFILE” has built long term value for its customers. It is this holistic talent philosophy and client centricity that make Shrofile the most reliable HR Consulting firm among its diverse clientele.

Shrofile Human Resources (HR) Consulting

Since 2016, we’ve helped organizations, of all shapes and sizes, improve their HR strategy, values and culture, sourcing and recruiting strategies, employment brand, processes, systems, and overall talent productivity.

Our Key Practices / 360º Approach to talent and culture

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  • How to deal with salary negotiation?

    This is like a football match, where you want to score your goal but the HR representative is the goalie and annoyingly a great goalie! But with the right practice, you definitely can score that goal. Now that this metaphor has entertained your brain, let’s get to the process of dissecting the ‘how’

  • This is the end part of the interview, so have this answer prepared. There is the universal rule of going a little higher than your real expectations and come to the middle-ground (which was your ground from the very beginning). Start your answer by answering the why? say if you are switching companies and while answering what your expected salary is from this new company start by saying; I have xyz years of experience, I have grown in terms of understanding the role, I can make great changes with this opportunity, so I would like to be financially secure with all those responsibilities and focus on doing the best at my job. EVERY PERSON switching jobs is looking for a salary hike, so don’t be guilty or unsure. Be confident and communicate with a reasonable explanation.

  • Quote a below 40% hike, If it’s the same role, same city but a different company. You can always go a little higher than that if you are moving to a new city and back up that expectation in terms of how expensive this new city can be. If you live in a city like Meerut, Lucknow, Surat, Kochi and you are moving to a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore you can definitely state the obvious standard of living difference and justify your expectation based on that. Also, ask the interviewer after stating your expectations about their budgets for the role and get some clarity on how much they can negotiate.