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Are you making sure that your employees don't feel unseen or unappreciated?
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Rewards and Recognition

Are you making sure that your employees don't feel unseen or unappreciated?

It is a human tendency to desire appreciation and recognition for the work one puts in. We spend a considerable portion of our day at our workspace and thereby, it is important that we feel that our efforts are being recognized where it matters the most!

We believe that a company's lack of applause and enthusiasm for its employee's minor and major victories can prove to be detrimental to both the employee and the company.

When an employee feels invisible at their workplace, it impacts their engagement and involvement with the company.

Not just that, a lack of rewards can also impact performance and most importantly, the will to contribute to the company's growth.

Shrofile understands your employee's desire to be recognized and lauded for their work. We also understand the connection between having a carefully thought-out rewards and recognition program and employee engagement.

This is why we work closely with your company and understand your needs to design a rewards and recognition program best suited to you.

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Developed in accordance with your company's needs, to ensure that your employees feel that their work is being recognized and celebrated!

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Shrofile's carefully curated rewards and recognition program is designed keeping in mind the vision and values of your company.

We realize the importance of recognition and appreciation in the workspace and our rewards and recognition program is designed to empower employees at all levels.

Appreciation is a key driver of performance and when employees feel seen, they are motivated to work to the best of their abilities.

By rewarding your employees, you are also rewarding your company.

Recognition of their efforts will encourage your workforce to work towards increased productivity and growth, taking your company to new heights.

Make sure your top talent feels appreciated and motivated!

Work culture is a crucial consideration for any employee. A workspace that makes its employees feel unseen and unappreciated will exhibit lower employee engagement and a shorter work tenure. This will reflect negatively on the company's image and might drive away and the existing employees but also potential top talent from your company.

By implementing a program that is specifically put in place to praise your employee's efforts, you are taking your company one step closer to making it "a great place to work" and giving your company the chance to get recognized in the industry's highly regarded great place to work lists.

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Introductory rewards

Welcome new employees with a joining gift and make a great first impression. Choose from a wide range of gifts that are designed to convey the company's vision and mission.

Performance-based rewards

Celebrate the professional victories of an employee by rewarding them for their commendable achievements using Shrofile's rewards and recognition advisory.

Extending congratulations

Make your employees feel like family and celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal milestones. This will help your company build a professional, yet intimate connection with your employees.

Long service rewards

Reward employee loyalty by applauding longevity of service and rewarding them for their commitment to your company. Make sure that they cherish their experience of working with your company even after their term is over.

Are you an employer looking for a smooth multi-level reward platform?
We've got your back!

Having a predesigned and well-structured rewards and recognition program will ensure a formal acknowledgment of employee achievements throughout their service.

When you join hands with a professional HR Agency like Shrofile, you are essentially implementing a carefully designed rewards and recognition program for all your employees at once.

Cultivate a positive work environment.

Build a strong community of motivated employees with Shrofile!

positive work environment

With our professionally formulated rewards and recognition program, you can ensure a considerable and visible hike in employee engagement.

Recognizing small and big wins of your employees sets performance bars and motivate the employees to strive for excellence.

Performance-based incentives are a great way to make sure that your employees remain focused and inspired.

This in turn will ensure that you don't only acquire top talent in the industry but also ensure that they are with your company for the long run.

Having a carefully and professionally designed rewards and recognition platform will help your company keep its employees motivated by celebrating their personal and professional milestones.

Using our rewards and recognition program to acknowledge your workforce for their efforts will make sure that you don't face engagement and retention issues and are able to maintain the top talent in your company.

Consult a top HR recruitment agency today and get the perfect rewards and recognition plan made for your company!

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Planning to design a rewards and recognition program for your company?

  • What is Rewards & Recognition?

    Rewards and Recognition is a system where people are acknowledged for their performance in intrinsic or extrinsic ways. Recognition & Reward is present in a work environment where there is appropriate acknowledgement and appreciation of employees' efforts in a fair and timely manner.

  • Increased productivity and motivation. The act of recognising desired behaviour increases the repetition of the desired behaviour, and therefore boosts productivity. Better employee satisfaction and enjoyment of work. There will be much more time spent focusing on the job and less time complaining.

  • >> It will help you attract the top talent

    >> Contributes to a strong, positive company culturet

    >> Increases productivity

    >> Happier employees make for happier customers

  • There are two general types of rewards that motivate people: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is internal to the person and is driven by personal interest or enjoyment in the work itself. Because intrinsic motivation exists within the individual, achieving it does not depend on others.

  • Research has proven that employees who get recognized tend to have higher self-esteem, more confidence, more willingness to take on new challenges and more eagerness to be innovative. Reward system is an important tool that management can use to channel employee motivation in desired ways.

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