How to Research a Company for a Job Interview

When applying for a job, We tend to apply at many companies all at once. Then you get a call from one of the companies and you don’t recall which company it was. We have all been there! The recruitment agencies and online job portals have made applying for jobs so easy, that 3 clicks and you become a candidate, just like that. But, when you have a job interview scheduled with a company then you must know about the company. The research can motivate you to do well in your interview or sometimes to withdraw your candidature, Here’s how you research a company.

How to research a company’s website before an interview?

The company;s website is what the company wants to be seen as. Not only, will you gather information about the founders, the company’s values, and legacy, you will also know what they are immensely proud of. The website will typically declare their vision and purpose in the most loudest manner. You might also be able to gauge the company goals and objectives. The basic information about the company is readily available there. One tip we would like to give you is to make notes of 3 interesting things about the company. Have these notes memorized for the job interview, when the interviewer asks you about the company you tell them these interesting things. Don’t just have the basics like – revenue, profits, founding year – this is just data. Prepare something more in-depth than that. Something that establishes their ‘ethos’ – the thing that they stand for! For eg. The founder is a college drop out and in one of their media interviews, the founder said “how she wanted to take education to everyone across the world”. You should sound like you are very driven by the values of the company.

How to research a company’s social media for an interview?

Basically, spend time on LinkedIn – not just the company’s Linkedin page, but also the pages of the founders and the CXOs. If it is a brand that makes goods or services for people, chances are they have a social media presence. Look at their social media, observe their brand vocabulary and content. Also look at their latest news and posts. This will tell you about their brand values and goals, you can see how they interact with their audiences and how strong a community they have built.

How to express your reasons to join a particular company?

Now that you have done your research – your know about the company – and you know about your own desires (obviously). It is time to find what matches – and highlight the way the company’s purpose fits with your personal goals. What is in it for you? How do you associate yourself with the brand? Are there any common values between you and the company? Have an answer ready for this kind of question. The hiring manager for any company looks for a candidate that shares some common values as the company.

How to research a company’s employee reviews?

A good company has many happy employees – and they talk about that on There are some really disgruntled folks too – and they overcrowd the reviews, unfortunately. This can be intimidating but read some of the feedback of ex-employees of the company. Being well informed about the advantages and shortcomings of a company is very important. First focus on the advantages and high points. For eg., if ex-employees talk about the culture of teamwork, talk about how that has enthused you to apply to the job in the first place. Once you have established positivity, you may talk about some concerns – but in a positive tone. For e.g. if you are applying for a job in a company for monetary growth and there is repetitive feedback from the employees about the company not paying well, you might want to politely ask the recruitment manager about the remuneration you will be getting. If there is a disagreement on that front, you can withdraw your job application politely communicating the reason. This saves time and effort on both ends. So, reading google reviews and Glassdoor reviews of the company can be very beneficial.

If you are spending time for an interview, research about the company upfront to make the most of your effort. Read up on the company, have some notes prepared and be ready to answer questions about the company. The HR managers always prefer candidates that are well researched about the company and are keen on working for the company.
We hope this was helpful, keep following our content and practice platform for more tips on all things career.

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