Common interview mistakes and how to avoid them

India is a competitive job market. Looking out for a job can be a little overwhelming, even with good experience and skills needed for the job. There are always options for companies for one profile, and here are a few things to avoid to be the top candidate:

Don’t be late

Being late for an in-person/ telephonic/ virtual interview is the first big mistake you can make. It’s about making a good first impression and being late says ‘You are lazy’ ‘careless’ ‘not punctual’ ‘more such thing’ that you don’t want a company to think about you. Skip your morning coffee, don’t snooze alarms, sleep early the day before, Whatever it takes, appear at the agreed time.
Don’t give excuses: If you are late, apologize. Don’t justify it with more excuses, there aren’t many original excuses anyway.

Don’t be unaware of the company

Do your research. All interviewees will ask you if you visited the company website, so visit the website, note down a few things to bring up in the conversation that proves you did your research. Know what the company does, and what you can do for the company. Have an answer to how you are behaviorally aligned with the values of the company or how you resonate with the brand. Research about the area of business the company is into and its competitors.

Don’t give confusing answers

Saying long, not framed sentences can confuse the interviewee. Know what you want to say and frame it in your mind and say it. If you don’t understand a particular question, ask them to explain it rather than giving wrong answers. Recruiters appreciate clarity in thought, and concise answers, so keep that in mind while answering the questions.

Don’t just be the answerer

Be the problem solver. Any open position is a problem for the company explain how you are the best solution. Explain what you bring in addition to the skills, qualifications, and experience required. If you have additional talents or experiences that can help the company immediately and in the long run.

Don’t be a lousy dresser

Make the effort and dress up for an interview professionally, it sends a message across that you took this seriously. Especially with virtual interviews people sometimes take the leverage of not dressing up. Don’t do that, dress up how you would for an in-person interview. Also, for a virtual interview make sure you have a clean background set-up and a good internet connection.

Don’t be aggressive in discussing the remuneration

The interviewee will ask you about your current and expected salary, give them an answer, and don’t try to justify your expected salary just yet. Wait for the company to make an offer and negotiate on that.

Don’t be nervous

We know it’s easier said than done. Relax and really think about it, It is one human asking you questions about yourself. The topic is ‘you’; it is not like a math surprise test. Think of it as a conversation that may get you a better income so be enthusiastic and answer those questions with a smile.

Also, use Shrofile’s video introduction tool to make a video profile for yourself. It is a new-age tool that can impress recruiters. We have a bank of video content to help you through your recruitment process, check that out as well. All the best!

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