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Thinking of career change?

The internet has outrun the conventional career options with opportunities that make you rich and famous. With skills of all kinds having an internet audience, any educational qualification, and work experience can seem not enough. The possibilities are such with newer career options like AI developer, App development, Vlogger, Youtuber, etc. You could be sitting at home reviewing pizzas from around the world and having a million viewers and sponsors that is also a job now. So, to not get overwhelmed and approach this as an opportunity can be very helpful, here are a few things to guide you:

What is the unique skill you have to offer?

For switching careers, you first need to convince yourself before any HR recruiter or audience. What is it that you bring with this responsibility/ opportunity that is unique. HR agency keeps you posted on job openings and if any SMS/Mail from them excites you, you first need to see how you fit into that role. If this is a skill and creativity-based profile justify your selection to yourself first, you may not lead with experience amongst other candidates but again, how do you measure creativity! If you believe in your skills, you will most likely get a chance to prove it.

Build a better case for yourself

Draw similarities between what you have done and what you want to do. It may seem wild, but there are some things in your current job that will help you in the career of your choice. Let’s understand this with an example, say you have worked as a Senior Manager at a company and now you want to be a writer at an advertising agency. You with your Senior manager role have learnt interpersonal skills, task delegations, and communicating the company goals to your team members. If you apply for a writer position at an advertising agency you have the interpersonal skills needed to talk to a client, delegating skills can be helpful in time management and deadlines and you have a good understanding of company goals. It then boils down to whether you are a good writer or not, and if you are giving it a thought you must give it a shot!

How to make a career-change resume?

State what you have done, and how that experience will help you with this new role you are applying for. You can take help from HR recruitment agencies in your city or online. Elaborate on the passion for the role and your goals attached to that job profile. The intent should reflect in your resume. Have keywords related to that job in your resume, for eg. for a music director role the keywords can be musical instruments, recordings, sound editing software, mention your qualifications and skills in these keywords. Look for the best HR agencies in your city, research the companies they work for and get in touch with the one that can help you in getting your dream job.

How to face a career change interview?

HR recruiters are keen on onboarding people with a passion for the job profile. Job selections are also based on the intent of the candidate. Answer questions with confidence and patience, The hiring manager may have some extra questions because of your lack of experience in that field, but if you have done your research right and brushed your skills enough your selection is a likely outcome. The best HR managers hire candidates with the right attitude for the job and, provide them with training sessions for the job. Answer the interview questions and if you are given an assignment, do your best and submit it, chances are you will be selected.

These are a few things to help you with a job switch in a different industry. To watch our video content on the same subject (click here), follow this space for more tips on all things career.

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