How to write an acceptance letter?

First of all congratulations! It’s the most ideal google search while being on a job hunt. While a telephonic conversation confirms your acceptance of a job offer writing an acceptance letter is the best formal way to say yes.

The job market in India is competitive so creating a good first impression matters, and writing the perfect acceptance letter for a job is your chance of making a good first impression even before your employment with the company begins. Shrofile has collated a few answers to the questions that pop up while writing an acceptance letter:

How long should it be?

There is no written rule, but we would recommend making the effort of writing more than 3 lines. However, the enthusiasm of joining the company should also ideally not exceed 5 paragraphs. Word your enthusiasm professionally and make the career and company growth known with your plans of taking up challenges and responsibilities.

How long should I wait before sending the acceptance letter?

Post the salary negotiation and offer letter, there still will be some contemplation to do. We advise you to take your sweet time and comprehend everything. In the struggle of landing opportunities in a tough job market like India, you sometimes overlook a few things. The salary and getting a job becomes the priority, but when you get an offer letter think about how this job will help you professionally. Is it providing you a career growth or not, whether the industry has a sustainable future, if the company’s work culture is healthy or not, how long you think you can commit to this role, the next career step after this, etc. Think everything through. Shrofile would also recommend you to look and calculate on the salary front, especially if you will be moving to a different city for this job. For all this contemplation take some time, but not uninformed. Inform HR that you would need 2 days to get back, and reply to the offer letter mail in 2 days and not later than that.

Any special things to remember?

Reiterate the highlights of the offer letter while writing an acceptance letter. Mention the designation you are joining on, and the work culture is what you are looking forward to, or anything else. Mention the employee benefits promised subtly like It’s a pleasure to be recognized by the organization for this role and also the wonderful employee benefits that come with it. State how you plan to learn and grow with the organization and plan on adding value to it. Reiterate the joining date and confirm it professionally on this mail. You can also choose to mention the agreed-upon package and next appraisal, respectfully also mention that you understand all the
clauses mentioned in the offer letter and you will not create in conflict of interest.

With all these points in mind, you can start to write that acceptance letter. Congratulations if you landed and job, and looked up on the internet for writing an acceptance letter and found us. We highly recommend you follow this space for all career-related content, especially to brush up.

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