What to Wear to an Interview: Outfits & Attire (Women & Men)

Tricky? It’s not. Hiring managers are not fashion-degree holders (unless you are applying for a job in the fashion/ entertainment industry). The key is to not appear disrespectful of someone’s presence and time. There are more don’ts than there are do’s here, Fashionably safe is the keyword you are looking for. But, let’s break it down for you:

How to dress according to a job for the interview?

Dress for the role, If the job opening is formal – dress formally. If the job opening is for a creative role – dress in semi-formals. Hiring managers are necessarily looking at your qualifications and work experience, let that speak for you. Recruitments happen based on your job knowledge, the confidence you answer the questions with, and your time ethics. If you got to know about a job opening through an HR solution company, then your agent can advise you regarding the expected dress code for the interview.

What is the go-to safe dress code for a job interview?

Yes! A white shirt is HR recruiters most popular choice. You can’t go wrong with it unless you pair it with ripped jeans or very chunky colourful sneakers. Wearing plain trousers in black, grey, blue, brown shades with a white shirt is a universally accepted interview outfit. For women, who prefer wearing Indian ethnic outfits, over western formal, you can adapt to the same colour scheme in kurtas that don’t have a lot of embroidery or designs. Not over-accessorizing is another good tip, Keeping your outfit clean and well ironed, wearing minimal makeup, are other things to keep in mind. As far as shoes are concerned pick formal shoes, heels not too high, and colours not too loud. And yes, comb your hair in a simple yet formal look. No crazy hair-dos, those can be very distracting to the interviewer.

What is the right outfit for an online interview?

Same as a normal in-person interview – except you can take the liberty of wearing pyjamas as bottoms, If your camera setup allows you. BAsically, focus on your upper body and make sure your face is clean with minimal makeup. Video-call interviews are also job interviews, The hiring manager is investing some amount of time into considering your candidature, So not dressing up for a video-call interview will make you seem disrespectful of their time. Hiring managers do company recruitments in a set format, there is a process that is followed, time and effort are invested, So make sure that you have the camera set up right, there is good lighting and minimum disturbance and you dress up professionally for it also. Dressing up for a video call interview can also prove to be confidence-boosting, and focus-enhancing. So, get up and iron your white shirt.

Should you dress conservatively?

In short – yes. Conservative is safe! You want the focus to be on you and not on your dressing sense. For professions that have no dress code policy or for professions that have a strict dress code policy, dressing up conservatively for the interview is advised by Shrofile. Fashion is an expression of your personality, but respecting the decorum of the job interview is also very important. Being explicit or casual with your outfit for an interview can create a bad first impression, so express yourself with your confidence and let fashion be something to figure out at a later time.

We hope this will give you some idea to plan your job interview outfit, and for more tips on all things career keep following us.

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