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What is payroll service?

It is an outsourced help to develop an organized system for salaries, taxes, employee benefits, and leaves. It is a very popular and efficient method of hassle-free, smooth functioning of the company’s salary and leaves distribution policies. It is borrowed help that saves a lot of time, money, and effort in the long run.

What services are included in payroll services?

There is the complete cycle of an employee’s cost covered in this for all the years of their service. It is a system that organizes and simplifies what has been given, what is left, and other employee benefits offered by the company and the legal system of India. Basically, it is a compilation of these things:

  • ESS (Employee Self Service)
  • Attendance and leaves
  • Web-based reimbursements, bonuses, salary-slips, IT declarations, etc.

So, It is a platform that simplifies all these things for you. Gone are the days when pay-checks were given as salaries, and registers were managed, or excel files for keeping a track of all that data. It leaves too much room for errors and business doing errors with numbers is no good. Payroll management is an investment and companies in India have addressed that fact.

How is payroll service an efficient way?

It is natural to think of outsourcing as an added cost, but in this case, If payroll is set up by the company itself it will require a dedicated team, an IT infrastructure, and maintenance. There will be a risk of dealing with penalties in case of any accidental non-compliance. Payroll software is also a cost and would need continuing maintenance cost and a dedicated team, Instead outsourcing that assistance is also a cost-effective way, especially for new businesses.

Talking about the other end of the spectrum, employees also have a hassle-free experience when there is good payroll software in place. Attendance and leave management, referring to salary slips, reimbursements, and bonuses is easily available in one place in the most organized way. The thought of dealing with excel sheets for managing leaves, IT declarations is an unpleasant thought for any employee today. Convenience is becoming a necessity with each passing day, and at least here most of know it is possible, so why not?

How to find Payroll service providers?

Clue- You are already on their website. Shrofile does their best research and customizes payroll services that are best for your company. With a growing number of businesses in India and digitalization taking over Payroll service providers are also growing. But, invest time in researching and outsource the assistance that will understand and add value to your company’s goal. Different companies, Departments, roles need to have a different set of customizations for their payrolls, the compliances need to be stated differently depending on the company and the objective of the company. Some roles allow lesser leaves than others, some roles require leaving policies customized for them. The payroll services available in India are many, but you need to make a choice based on your requirements. It is a time-investing process initially where you will have to explain your company goals, size, sales, etc, to the payroll service provider, and then they can form their customized solution for you. Because the legal compliances and tax rules etc. change you also need a payroll service provider that keeps up with the changes and suggests changes from time to time.

This is why Shrofile recommends outsourcing payroll services and to know about our payroll services visit our services page.

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