What is bulk-hiring?

As the name explains, It is when hiring is done in bulk. It is hiring a workforce essentially to deliver a product, service opr solution to the end customer. Bulk hiring is done for companies that need a large number of people to perform a simple but labour or time demanding task, for eg. Delivery agents, Customer care agents, trainees at a manufacturing unit, drivers etc.

How relevant is bulk-hiring today?

As on the day of writing this blog, just googling bulk-hiring resulted in 49327 bulk-hiring jobs available in India and 11805 bulk-hiring jobs in Delhi-NCR. So, now the question is addressed and answered with facts, let’s understand a few more things about it.

Who is bulk-hiring so many people?

Companies that deliver to the end client in form of service, product, assistance, or your mid-night dessert delivering companies. When the company’s distribution of their goods, services, or assistance happens via. agents or representatives they hire people based on lenient scrutiny, oftentimes these are the parameters they look for:

  • Basic educational qualification, Or sometimes an ITI/ Similar Diploma holders
  • Knowledge of the city (If these are delivery agents)
  • Willingness to solve problems (In case of customer care representatives)
  • Willingness to work on the company’s budget

What to keep in mind while bulk-hiring?

These representatives/ agents will be the interacting with your end customer representing your company. Your company name is attached to them while they are on their working hours. The image building will happen based on how well they are trained. Training is crucial, invest in a program, technology, tool, that will introduce them to their work, and the company’s objective. The company reviews are affected by any shortcoming of a representative faced by a customer. Especially now with the digital platforms, you have millions of reviews for a product as simple as a comb. With social media and brands building their social media presence any small failure in terms of delay in delivery, unsatisfactory service could result in a viral tweet. It is important to be careful of who you are hiring, if they are trained well, if they are well versed with the company’s ideas and objectives.

Where to find help for bulk-hiring?

There are many HR consutants in India, in all the major cities in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc, that help you with bulk hiring. We at Shrofile however offer an upgraded solution with a database of candidates and campuses to find the right people for your company. We also use technological tools to scan resumes with keywords that are the requirements for these job openings. We filter resumes with keywords based on educational qualification, languages known, work experience etc. and create a bank of candidates that stand true to the requirements of your company. Read more about it on our services page.

What are the No’s to watch out for?

It depends on the nature of work, if it requires basic technical soundness and the candidate is not well-verse with that, it can create a bad impression. If the job requires politeness and the representative fails in terms of interaction it can cost a bad review online. If it is a service, good training is must, when a paid experience is not pleasant the customer is likely to express their feedback online. If it is a manufacturing unit and the bulk-hiring is in the form of trainees, having freshers with some knowledge and training them on the job is a good way to go ahead. The lack of willingness to help/learn or politeness is an absolute no no.

In conclusion, yes! Bulk-hirings are not just relevant but more popular now with digitalization and bringing products and services to the customers. There is a basic criteria to select people and there is plenty of help available in form of HR consultants in India. We wish you a great workforce, and for more things about recruitments, and getting recruited, and jobs in India, keep following.

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