Talent Review & Analytics

Talent Assessments and Performance

Ralent assessment is a process that companies use to identify which candidate will perform the best, and be the right cultural fit.

Talent Assessments and Performance

Talent Review and Analytics process follows an organization’s performance management process (which is primarily focused on current employee performance) and is more focused on employee development and potential for the future. Talent analytics, generally speaking, is the application of statistics, technology, and expertise to large sets of people data which results in better decisions for an organization.

Performance Management

Performance management is a corporate management tool that helps managers monitor and evaluate employees' work. Performance management's goal is to create an environment where people can perform to the best of their abilities to produce the highest-quality work most efficiently and effectively.

Performance Management includes -

  • Program Design and Delivery
  • Review and Selection of Performance Management System
  • Goal Setting Process and Cascade
  • Performance Review Process
  • Session with Managers effective performance conversations
Performance Management

Talent Assessment and Review

Talent Assessment and Review

Talent Assessment and Review is an important aspect where the management or the leaders analyze different aspects of the talent management system. It includes

  • Performance - Potential Assessment
  • Defining and Identifying Hi-Pos
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Assessment Process

Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is an algorithm-based model that is applied to employee data in order to provide Return-on-Investment (ROI) evidence for workforce-related decisions, as well as gain insight on future workforce planning. Workforce analytics are typically used in Talent Management where the focus is specifically on employee data.

Workforce Analytics include -

  • Defining metrics for key people process
  • Agreeing on definitions and measurement criteria
  • Developing Workforce Analytics Scorecard
  • Review of Data Availability for accuracy of Scorecard
Workforce Analytics

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  • How do you evaluate talents?

    As you assess your team, the focus should be on development and areas for improvement. Identify areas that are less efficient, address gaps and remove bottlenecks within the hierarchy of the organization that impede progress.

  • A talent review asks business leaders to assess employees across the organization on performance and future potential. Completing a talent review helps companies uncover talent gaps and identify high potential employees.

  • Talent is a blend of qualities unique to you. It is something you are really good at, usually much better than the ones around you. Its power comes from the mix of different qualities, which come together to create one full power – yours. ... No two people will have the same talent.

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