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Express Yourself

Record 30 second video profile

Explain in Five

Describe your personality in 5 words

Enhance your video

Stylize your videos by using on the go easy video editing features

Engage with others

Share your video profile with others

Explore other people

Uncover how other professionals talk about themselves

Endorse with videos

Establish credibility of your profile by getting video recommendations


60+ Personality Related Topics

Record 30 sec short videos on topics related to your identity and much more.

Stylize your video

On the go video editing tools to bring life to your videos using themes, filters and music

Invite your friends

Ask friends about their personality and invite them to record


Record with ease

Record, pause in between and resume recording in multiple segments

Explore other professionals

You can view public profiles for professionals who have shared it with the world

Share as you please

Share your video profile to get feedback or keep it private


Why Us


For Professionals

In today's world, it is immensely important for professionals to build themselves as brands and differentiate themselves from others. Shrofile helps professionals to:

  • Showcase your personality to the world
  • Stand out amongst your peers by creating your personal brand
  • Discover new people and get inspired from their experiences
  • Discover the personality of a prospective employer and what they offer.

For Businesses

Businesses today continue to grow in size and complexity. Remaining agile and cutting edge is essential - including in how you hire people. Shrofile helps companies to:

  • Hire the right talent by shortlisting not just on the basis of skills but personality
  • Review more than 60 profiles in an hour through asynchronous videos
  • Save on time, cost and effort by only meeting those who you really like
  • Project your corporate brand and attract the right talent.

Our Offerings

Campus Hiring

Activate campuses by getting candidates on video. Differentiate between hundreds of similar profiles by assessing their personality

Lateral Hiring

Sourcing of candidates on the basis of skills and personality for openings in your company

Database Management

Get video profiles of all the inbound candidates applying on your company website

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