5 Tips To Make Company Induction Training Better

Before understanding how we can make company induction training better, let’s understand what company induction training is. Company induction training is the company introduction to a new employee.

It is the very first impression of the company, which plays a crucial role in building the intent to be with the company for a longer time. The company has the opportunity of sharing its long-term vision, ethos, and other short-term goals with these induction programs. Here are 5 ways you can make company induction trainings better

Bite sized information

One of the most difficult things for a new employee is to sit through hours of meetings about the company vision. Considering the employees are new and their scope of absorbing information about the new company will not be the best, planning and organizing what and when can be done ahead of time is what Shrofile recruitment agency suggests. One day all information is not the right way to go about it. Schedule and plan ahead of time about what size of information can be managed in a day’s time and plan the induction accordingly

Support the induction with documents

Chances are with the best induction training also there might be a need to refer back to this training. With so many codes of conduct, employee benefits, etc. It is best to provide new employees with a copy of the induction document for a quick reference whenever they need it, It can be sent on email post the induction training

Gamify the experience

With games and apps in place, inductions can be made fun even if it happens online. The HR managers can design games that teach about the company and its objectives in a fun way. It also brings the new joiners together to share the experience as a team. One great thing that can be achieved by making inductions almost like games is that you can design a game around attentive listening with some penalty and that way you can make sure that everyone is attentive during the session

Explains visions and values in less jargons

Company mission statements are known to be heavy on jargon and therefore might not be the most interesting session to sit through. The narrative of the company vision should be very simple to understand, and similar to the company’s value system. Information can remain the same the way of communicating it can change to make sure that the new employees understand the core values of the company and its vision

Introducing buddy program

This is a tried and tested method over decades, in which a buddy is introduced to the new joiner. So it’s an employee of the company who takes the new joint through the day-to-day functions and point of contact for different jobs. While HR’s are not difficult to reach out to in case of any confusion, it is found out that new employees find it more comfortable to talk about their confusions with a counterpart in the company.

These are a few tips we suggest to implement in your company induction program. Feel free to reach to us for your suggestions, or feedback. The induction vision and value presentations is one of the services we provide at Shrofile, especially assisting the startups in establishing an employee induction program. The employee intent is very important for startups hence, a good induction system should be in place. You can reach out to us for this assistance or any other by clicking on the contact us button. We look forward to hearing from you.

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