4 mistakes to avoid when hiring a recruitment agency

We have helped you understand the significance of onboarding a recruitment agency earlier along with more information on recruitment agencies and HR consultancies but, today let’s look at the few mistakes to avoid while onboarding one:

Have you researched enough?

Recruitment agencies in India can over-promise their deliverables. Internet research can also be biased, limited, and layered when it comes to recruitment agencies. Finding articles about ‘The best recruitment agency in India’ or ‘The best recruitment agencies in your City’ is not enough. Every article will show different names and confuse you further. Shrofile recommends treating this onboarding like the onboarding for any employee. Set a process, know about them online, speak with them, ask them questions, and evaluate their promises and experience so far.

What are your company’s needs?

It’s really a ‘no shoe fits all’ situation. If a recruitment agency specializes in bulk-hirings and maintains a database of college freshers and your company’s needs are to recruit people for the senior and mid-level managerial positions, then it’s a challenge for the agency. The HR consultancy firm should have tools to support its promises for eg. Shrofile has an AI tool that screens resume based on keywords. The company can handpick the keywords and resume the screening process therefore is error-free. The HR consultancy should be able to customize solutions for your business needs, and that’s how you can make a sound decision about which HR consultant to pick for your business.

How can this partnership help your business in the long run?

Your current business needs will be different from your future needs, the recruitment agency should be adaptive to the change in technology, legal guidelines, and company needs over the course of time. Onboarding the right recruitment agency that changes processes with these changes is very important, they should be able to assist you with suggestions to make the company run efficiently.

What is the cost of getting a recruitment agency?

This is one of the key deciding factors and the cost varies as per your requirements. You should get quotations and match the costs and benefits of each HR consultancy to make a sound decision that suits your company the best. Remembering that a recruitment agency is supposed to save time and recruit the right people for your company in less time is important. Shrofile has a huge database of candidates for all kinds of roles, Entry-level jobs, senior and mid-level managers, IT recruitments, and we specialize in hiring for start-ups. As mentioned we are technologically advanced with the screening tools we use and we have a team of experienced and passionate hiring managers.

We hope this was helpful and for any additional information on our policies and offerings please reach out to us by visiting the contact us section.

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