Significance of short introduction in Interviews

Before we start, let me ask you a question. What is an interview?

A procedure for selection of a candidate! A method to test the ability of a person! Or both?

The first thing to understand here is the purpose of an interview. Interviews are not just limited to finding a suitable employee but an overall package to fit into the company environment.

Now, coming to the main agenda. Short Introduction! Why does it make so sense?

Interviews usually take an average time of 20-30 minutes to assess a candidate. This means, interviewers have least time to know you the most. That’s why it gets necessary for you to be efficient and impactful with your presentation

But the question still remains. Why Short?

There is a major reason for that. A person’s personality is often judged in the blink of time. 

And so, it becomes important for you to present the intro in a short yet meaningful way to set a strong first impression on your interviewer. Because longer introductions create disinterest among the interviewers and also increases the chances of picking loop holes which might prove malicious (if not prepared well) for your opportunity.

Crisp introductions with powerful content will not only prove beneficial for you but would also keep the assessor’s interest high.

It will even create a room of understanding for the interviewers and let them give you enough opportunities to speak up when necessary.

Ending this with a note, remember to always be straight, clear and brief with your answers while in an interview. Believe it or not, this would prove helpful in increasing your selection chances.

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