How to write an irresistible resume?

It’s simple, but we suggest investing time and effort into it. It is your first mode of communication when you first apply for a job, and with increasing technology and resume scanning tools extra attention must be paid. We have answered a few crucial questions for you below:

What is the right length for a resume?

When applying for a job, always remember the hiring manager is going through multiple resumes. So, they may not dedicatedly read a resume like an interesting book, therefore don’t make it seem like a lengthy book. It also doesn’t mean that you need to leave out important information and make half a page of a resume. A one-page resume is ideal, you can however go up to 2 (front only) pages if your work experience has been that vast. Understand that this is your introduction and background document and not an opportunity to write an autobiography.

How to write the perfect summary for yourself?

This is a little write-up safely 150-200 characters, that communicates your personality. The vocabulary will always change depending on the role you are applying for. For some jobs in India, there is a liberty of showcasing your humor, for other Senior manager level roles you will be required to summarise your professional personality. For e.g., you can say: I am a driven & dynamic leader. I understand people’s strengths and delegate responsibilities accordingly. Enthusiastic about ideas that lead to better changes. That is just an example, do not copy-paste that.

How to make the resume attractive?

Is your resume an MS Word document? Please change that and convert it into a pdf file. We at Shrofile recommend using online tools like, there are many tools like that, that give you sample resumes of the category of job you are applying for. These are very convenient to use and have appropriate colour schemes to choose from. It makes your resume look like it was made with a lot of effort and appears clean in an aesthetic sense.

What kind of words to use for a resume?

Use keywords. Yes! That simple, if you are looking for a graphic designer job, look for the related keywords to graphic designing. Then add those software names like adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, etc., and things that will convince the scanning tools and software to shortlist your resume. Some important keywords can be school, college, and company names. Keep in mind what the recruiter could be looking for in a candidate for that job profile and make ways to mention those words. Step into the recruiting manager’s shoes and think like them.

Adding your picture to the resume?

There is no yes or no answer to that. But If you want to pick a professional close-up picture of your face in front of a plain background. Avoid using pictures that look unprofessional. You can avoid adding a picture if you don’t feel comfortable with it; but if the job requires you to be in front of the camera, or it is a presenting job of any kind, Shrofile recommends going ahead with a professional close-up shot in front of a plain background picture.

How to write the work experience section?

This is what recruiting managers pay considerable attention to. Don’t just write it, explain it. Write your tenure, company name, and designation but also make pointers of what you did being in that role. Make pointers about your achievements and highlight them. You can underline, bold, or use a different font to bring it to the recruiter’s attention. If you managed a team or a project or won any in-house awards, make it known. Make strategic pointers so it’s easy to understand and read. This will ensure that your resume stands out in the pile of resumes.

Is Cover letter important?

It may not be the ultimate deciding factor, but it does make a difference. A cover letter states your intent of joining a company in an efficient way. It can be a simple one paragraph summary of who you are, what you have done, what you can do for the brand and why you want to join it. It is just a little extra effort that makes you a more reasonable candidate for the job, at Shrofile we totally recommend it.

That is pretty much it. In Conclusion, make your personality known. Write just the right amount of information, make pointers for important information and research about the company, be confident in the interview and we believe you will have the job of your desire.

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