Leading a Team: Tips for First-Time Team Leaders

If you are reading this article looking for an answer for yourself, congratulations! we are glad that you have got a team to lead and manage. It can seem easy from far or it can overwhelm you, in both cases, we have a few points for you to go through:

What are your responsibilities?

Know your key responsibilities very well. Senior managers also work for some goals to be achieved for the company. Balancing is one of your key responsibilities, balancing your team’s quality of work and interpersonal relationships with the team. This balance should be as seamless as possible. You represent your team and their work, keeping the quality of work intact therefore becomes important.

How to earn the team’s respect?

We know this is important to you, but it may take some time. Your team members and subordinates may feel unsure about you as a leader at first, because of your no-prior team management experience but eventually, when they see the qualities that got you this promotion they will come around. Shrofile has a list of things that will help you in earning your teammates respect:

  • Learn the art of giving feedback: When giving feedback to the team, instead of only pointing out what is wrong, suggest how they can make it right/better. Be constructive while giving feedback and motivate them to do better.
  • Be empathetic: A good practice to implement is to see things from other’s perspectives and take a rational decision after that. You will be able to develop a good interpersonal relationship with your team mates by being empathetic. The communication gap can be minimized when you are an accessible and approachable manger.
  • Be motivational in the right way: Learn to distribute work evenly and communicate deadlines and targets effectively. Followup on the statuses more frequently and that way the deadlines can be passified. Target deadlines when combined with pressure may lead to a lot of problems, a good team leader should keep following up from the beginning instead of creating panic very last minute.

Learning doesn’t stop:

Responsibilities change with your designation addressing that you are new to this profile to yourself is important. There are online classes on everything you want to learn these days, accept your lack of knowledge in a particular area of your job and try to resolve it. Seek guidance from your senior managers and people you can learn from.

Practice answering:

As a team leader you are answerable for a lot of things. Having good answers and reasons for things is a great skill to learn. You can practice it on Shrofile by visiting our preparation section. It’s an AI developed tool that allows you to chose from a range of interviews from IT interviews, to creative interviews, to senior manger interviews you can pratice your reasoning and answering skills and improve them with the elaborate feedback computed by the tool based on your pauses, fumbles, hand gestures, and eye contact. It is extremely helpful try it!

We hope this was a helpful guide to you taking on this responsibility. We wish you the best for it!

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