Virtual Recruitment Tips

The pandemic has shifted almost all companies to the digital spectrum of functioning. The hybrid work module has been the norm and eventually all the departments, employees, and managers have adapted to this module.

The recruitment market in India has been volatile in recent years. With digital platforms like LinkedIn gaining popularity amongst job seekers and employers there are more jobs available online and more applicants for those jobs as well.

Recruitment has also become a virtual process, the candidates and HR managers have adapted to this change seamlessly. For jobseekers, virtual interviews give them the luxury of being at home and doing multiple job interviews without the commute and waiting around in the office reception areas. For employers, however, the judgment and evaluation of candidates can seem challenging at first. Here are answers to some questions that employers might have while hiring online:

How to schedule an online interview?

Platforms like Google meet, Microsoft teams, skype, etc. are available to schedule these interviews. HR managers have the choice of picking the platform, but a quick phone call to the candidate about their suitable time is the more professional way to schedule these meetings. The hiring manager should also make sure that the other stakeholders of this process are available at that time to be a part of the interview.

How long should a virtual interview be?

It’s best to have a duration timeline set before scheduling the interview. The interview slot should approximately match the assumed timeline. Blocking more time than promised may not give a great impression about the company. Shrofile, suggests that an interview should not be for more than an hour and less than 30 minutes. The Recruitment Manager will require this amount of time to evaluate the candidate and see their suitability for the job.

What questions to ask?

Hiring managers should plan the questions and outline the flow of the interview. The interview can start with a few personal and behavioural questions like:

  • What kind of a person are you in the situation of pressure?
  • Tell me about your strengths as a person?
  • What is your dream job/ plan for your career?

And then the questions can lead towards the eligibility and skills related to the position.
You can also have questions based on their experience and why they want to join the company, what future do they see for themselves in the company as additional questions to gauge their intent of joining your firm.

How to end an online interview?

Recruiting managers should end the interview by asking them a concluding question like:

Why should we hire you? Or What are your expectations with this role and organization?

Once they answer the question, allow them an opportunity to ask any questions they might have and be patient in answering those questions. Close the interview with the what is the process after this interview. The clarity in communication here really helps, you can let the candidate know that they will be receiving a feedback email after this call in 3-4 days, and we will be taking it forward from there. Wish them the best and take your time to evaluate the candidate.

After the interview is done, take time to evaluate their performance. You can also follow up with them with an assignment and take a better call based on their submission. Communicating timelines is a great way to avoid any wrong impressions about the company, tell them approximately when will they hear from your next and by when do you plan on closing this recruitment.

We hope this was helpful and you find the right candidates for your vacant positions. Shrofile has an advanced AI tool for screening resumes and a database of candidates for IT jobs, Entry-level jobs, and Senior and Mid-level Managers. We have a team of people that specialize in helping companies find the right candidates. You can reach out to us by visiting the contact us section.

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