What is a Technical Project Manager? Role and Job Description

Technical Project Manager? Role

A Technical Project Manager, also known as a Project Manager, holds the crucial responsibility of overseeing projects to ensure they adhere to predefined timelines, budgets, and scopes. Their primary duties encompass meticulous project planning, establishing comprehensive schedules for all stakeholders, and proficiently executing each project phase.

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How To Start Thinking About A Career Change – Shrofile


Thinking of career change?

The internet has outrun the conventional career options with opportunities that make you rich and famous. With skills of all kinds having an internet audience, any educational qualification, and work experience can seem not enough. The possibilities are such with newer career options like AI developer, App development, Vlogger, Youtuber, etc. You could be sitting at home reviewing pizzas from around the world and having a million viewers and sponsors that is also a job now. So, to not get overwhelmed and approach this as an opportunity can be very helpful, here are a few things to guide you:

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