How to stay focused while working from home?

Well, thanks to covid or maybe not but tackling your tasks from your couch and merging your workspace with your living room have become the new normal
And while initially it was all fun and comforting to attend your meeting wearing sweatpants and eradicating the exerting commute, let’s accept it that work from home has some downfalls too, especially because it’s difficult to have a work-life balance, the focus has definitely gone for a toss and putting your mind together while being in the space that reminds you of leisurely activities has been really challenging.

So, we thought why not share some helpful tips that can help you increase your productivity and stay focused while working from home.

So, without further ado, let’s get started

1. Create a dedicated workspace

Just like our bed is reserved for sleeping, our workspace should be reserved for working. Now having said that, you cannot build a separate space for work, that’s not practically possible but multi-tasking from your couch will never keep you motivated enough to stay focused in fact it will only remind you of leisure activity and soon your posture on the couch will turn into taking a nap. Other things like having a TV in proximity will be a constant distraction. So just dedicate a desk that reminds you of your work and that’s all you need.

2. List down on your tasks

Time really flies like an arrow especially when you are at home. constantly juggling between household chores and work can be really tough and extremely distracting. The best way to refrain from being lost in many tasks is to take one step at a time. This means, listing down all your task of the day and deciding what needs to be done on a priority basis and what can be kept in the backseat, this way not only will you stay productive but you can even track your progress.

3. Dress to accomplish

Of course, it’s very convenient and comforting to sit in your pajamas all day but honestly, it’s also a reason to always be in laid back mindset. Now it’s really about how you look but it’s more about how you feel. Dressing for work can quickly put you in a professional mindset and encourage you to work. Having said that of course you don’t have to wear a pencil skirt or a three-piece suit but just a semi-casual outfit that doesn’t give you the comfort of taking a quilt and sleeping the next minute will do the job.

4. Reward yourself with a break

Sitting in the same spot can make you mentally tired so just walk around, munch on a snack (Preferably healthy) or just sweat it out. the idea is to disrupt the monotony by rewarding yourself with a break. The trick is to have a mid-day break, which will not only stimulate you to work efficiently by making a break as a reward but will also ensure that you are staying productive. So basically, each time you accomplish 50 % of your task, you reward yourself with a 1 one-hour break. This will keep your routine in tacked and keep you re-energized as you are back to work.

5. Create a schedule

From your morning routine to breaks in between, everything should be clocked and timed. Having a discipline and structure to your day can help you track your goals better, make your goals tangible, and most importantly you would have the locus to your life, that means when you determine how much time needs to be dedicated to each task, what’s more, important and what isn’t, you will have more control over your life and allocate time to those things that really matter, which in turn can make you more productive and efficient.

so incorporate these tips in your life and you will see how quickly your day becomes more productive and effective.

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