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With the internet it’s like the boundaries have faded and everything is available everywhere. So why not talent? It’s like the best cocoa comes from Ghana and if your baking can be made exquisite with that cocoa powder why not source it? Similarly for a passion project why limit resources to boundaries? Here are 5 steps to keep in mind when hiring people from a different country:

  1. Answer the why:

Why is it that recruiting someone internationally is a better idea than recruiting a local talent. If you have that answer defined, well then don’t stop. Make a strategic workforce plan that is in line with your company’s current and future goals. Oftentimes companies hire people from a country they plan to eventually enter as a business to study the market and suitability of the company in that country. Other times it is a special candidate with a unique skill set offering that matches the company goals perfectly. Whatever your requirements are as a company, make a suitable strategic workforce plan based on that and that will define the candidate needed.

  1. Study the employment laws of that job market:

Be responsible and know about all the paperwork and possibilities in detail. Create a document that answers all the questions, if the country you are in allows a work visa to the national of the country you wish to hire. If yes, what is the procedure like, What is that standard compensation, How do you plan on framing the contract that is fair for both the company and the candidate. International recruitments are a lot of work, so don’t shy away from seeking help from International recruitment agencies. We at Shrofile, provide assistance in overseas recruitment for technical support staff, engineers, Technology HR’s, AI conversation coders and for various other profiles, feel free to reach out to us for more details and assistance.

  1. Create an Irresistible Employee Value Proposition:   

Moving to a different country can seem overwhelming to anyone, so as a company create an offer that is hard to say not to. The goal is to create an ‘easy living’ offer letter. The standard compensation of the country for that profile may not be enough, so think about ways to assure the candidate that life in this new country will be hassle-free. Offering a Relocation package is a great way of doing that, you can also work on Salary + Accommodation package. Healthcare benefits are a crucial deciding factor. Having transparent compensation is very important. Keep in mind the company budgets and extend your solutions to make the candidate believe that this is a good step for his future and growth in career.

  1. Finetune the hiring approach:

Know what questions to ask in the interview. How can you approach this interview that you know there is no scope of any error. Tailor your questions for the interview, check how much they already know about the country, If it is employment is Europe for example, do they speak the native language or how much of the language do they know. Being flexible as an employer in terms of understanding their demands from the profile for their personal growth is another very helpful tip

  1. Be an inclusive culture company:

Having people from different countries is a responsibility. Put yourself in their shoes and know you wouldn’t want to feel out of place in a new country. So keep a healthy environment intact. Usual workshops for maintaining the inclusive culture can also help. Have the HR department approachable to report any unpleasant situation, and making sure those issues are rectified. Treat this as a priority to ensure that the workforce gets along and does their best at work.

Go global, and achieve your goals.

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