Recruitment Strategies for Multi-Generational Workforce

According to Statista, in 2021, the rate of hiring intent across India by various organisations and corporates stood was estimated to be at 19 per cent. This was an increase compared to the previous year when the hiring intent was at just ten per cent. Therefore, companies are looking to work with people across all positions.

Thus, they face a common issue attracting and retaining workers of all generations. Companies were already struggling to manage millennials, the recent entry of GenZ into the workforce is causing them trouble too. The generation gap exists in the workspace, too and is bothering recruiters. The gap is the unfamiliarity of recruiters with the work behaviour of the newer generations, which is bound to happen. Shrofile brings to you a comprehensive guide on the uniqueness of each generation and how to appeal to them.

Recruitment strategy for Generation Z

Generation Z or GenZ are people born from 1995-2010. Since they are entering the workforce, their spending capacity increases and will keep growing. Understanding this new demographic requires capturing talent from this generation, even though they seem like a completely new breed to current recruiters. Keep reading to understand what makes them unique and how you can appeal to them.

Recruitment Strategies for Different Generations of talent
Recruitment Strategies for Different Generations of talent

How is GenZ unique?

  • Tech-savvy
  • Care about social causes
  • More focus on the meaning of their work
  • Youngblood with fresh ideas
  • Eager to learn and join the workforce
  • Short attention spans

How to appeal to GenZ?

Speed GenZ grew up with devices and the internet, and therefore are used to a fast pace. Therefore, GenZ needs speed, whether online shopping or the recruitment process. Companies are always looking for young talent to train and retain; GenZ has many options. Therefore, speed up your recruitment process to get a competitive edge over other companies.

Highlight your culture

GenZ has grown up with the notion of finding meaning and themselves in all aspects of their lives. They are the ones who have adopted unconventional careers. Thus, they look for purpose in their work, and therefore you should highlight the importance of your company’s culture when trying to attract them to work with your company.

Leverage social media

Social media is where the GenZ and millennials hang out frequently. Leverage it ASAP right now to appeal to the younger crowd. You don’t need to spend money on ads; just post on your official page. You can encourage people within your company to circulate the post to get applicants.

Recruitment strategy for Millennials

Perhaps you think that Millennials and GenZ fall in the same category. Even though they are young and share characteristics, they differ. Millennials are individuals born between the years of 1981-1995.

How are Millenials unique?

Since they have a few years of experience in the workforce, they are more equipped to handle managerial and executive roles while also bringing a relevant perspective. Since millennials are active consumers, catering to them requires a fresh perspective. Who is better equipped to appeal and design products for millennials than millennials themselves?

Millennials welcome collaboration, unlike GenZ, who prefer working individually. Moreover, they are hard-working and dedicated to their jobs. Since they are career-driven with few responsibilities, they go the extra mile to be great at their jobs.

How to appeal to Millenials?

Offer flexibility
If the job role has room for being flexible in terms of location or workload, offer it readily to millennials. Since they love their freedom, it would attract them to your company and retain them. Burnout is common nowadays, so millennials would love to work at your company if the role has little to no pressure.

Highlight collaboration

If the job is not flexible or has low pressure, you can highlight the collaborative aspect. Since Millenials are collaborative and like to work in that environment. Therefore, highlighting the working together as a part of the job will attract them. Remember this tip the next time you post a job that requires a millennial candidate.

Focus on compensation

Millennials are hard workers with years of experience. Therefore, they understand the value of their work and need the appropriate compensation. Many companies try to underpay millennials due to their age, and millennials do not like to be treated that way. Therefore, focusing on fair compensation is the best strategy to recruit and retain your millennial candidate. Everybody wants to be appreciated and paid fairly for their work, which is valid for millennials.

Recruitment strategy for Generation X

GenX workers are born between 1960 and 1980 and therefore hold senior positions in an organisation. GenX has a stark difference from the last two generations and brings something new to the table, which is the reason you should consider hiring them if the role demands their uniqueness.

How is GenX unique?

They are some of the calmest and stable workers and lend tremendous strength to the company when going through tough times. Moreover, they prefer to work in a company for a long time and thus have in-depth knowledge and experience in their niches. Their wisdom can therefore help your company immensely.

How to appeal to GenX?

Assure a long and stable job GenX has responsibilities and families to take care of and therefore require stability. If the job role requires a person to stay in the company for a long time, consider highlighting it in your job posting.

Offer a work-life balance

Again, they have a family and cannot spend hours in the office. Therefore, during the negotiation, point out that the job offers a work-life balance to ease their doubts and inhibitions.

Value the experience they bring

Empathy is a vital part of communication, and recruitment requires clear communication. Therefore, when talking to GenX candidates, understand them and value the experience they bring. Once you start listening instead of passively hearing, you will begin to see interest from their side, and they will be more open to what you have to offer.

Respect every candidate and what they bring to the table

Above all, respect the candidates you are recruiting irrespective of their age. Each of them brings something unique to the table and, therefore, will bring immense value to your company. Given that you can handle understanding the needs and demands of each candidate, recruitment becomes more manageable. It’s the reason Shrofile’s experts have been able to hire some of the best employees for their clients. If you are struggling with recruitment too, contact us today.

We know the tricks of the trade better than anyone and therefore bring the best talent for your company.

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