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In the process of aspiring for a job have you ever felt , “I could have proved I’m a great fit if I was given a chance to express myself in the interview?” Shrofile gives every professional the power to express more about their personality in an effective manner.

According to a recent survey conducted, 47% of professionals with prior video interview experience prefer this format. These respondents believe that expressing themselves on video allows them to introspect and improve on verbal as well as non-verbal aspect of communication. Every job involves so much communication that happens at the nonverbal level,  hence being seen is extremely important for potential candidates as well as employers.

Videos profiles are equally important from an organisation’s perspective. It enables companies to take a better call on whether the personality of the professional is a good fit for the culture and values of the company or not, which eventually ensures better retention rate of employees. Videos also allow the leadership of the company to effectively communicate about the mission, brand values and purpose of the organisation. Here are some data points that show the growing use of video for employers and how it benefits them:

  • 67% of the companies say that retention of employees would be better if candidates had a clearer understanding about the culture of the company
  • 60% of hiring managers and recruiters now use video for their job interviewing needs
  • 63% of organisations use live video interviewing during recruitment process

Why restrict yourself to text when you can express a lot more through videos? We at Shrofile believe that a 30 second video has the power to convey more than verbose write ups or bios! Check out videos of professionals on our platform!

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