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Best tips to prepare for a video interview. Get tips to prepare your equipment, your environment, and yourself to impress interviewers over video interviews.

6 Tips for Video Interviews

Do not hold camera/phone in hand

This will be a call of at least half an hour, It has hurt your arm, and it does not look professional. The camera should be stable, and you should be sitting in front of it. With a clean background, clean formal outfit, and combed clean hair.

know your angles

Thanks to the obsession with selfies we are aware of our camera angles, but answering questions in a video camera can be a bit intimidating, so practice the camera angles. You want to feel confident in the interview, or you will lose your smile and that will make you look underconfident

Maintain eye contact

Looking away from the camera, looking at the ceiling fan will make you appear distracted and not interested in the discussion. Avoid this by maintaining some eye contact with the interviewer. The interviewer should feel that you are listening to them all the time.

Audio: Make it easy to Listen

Try to find a corner where you know there will be no disturbance, you get the interview schedule at least a day before, manage your family accordingly, have them be respectfully quiet around the room you are going to be doing the interview in. If there is an unexpected noise in between, like the vegetable seller, or any rally address it like a passing joke and move ahead in the discussion.

let’s talk about the lighting

See if you can invest in a ring light, it makes a difference in the over the impression, the lighting is great, you seem more confident, so it is a good investment. But if you do not want to spend, then make a triangle of books on the window and place the phone on it, leaving the curtains open, allowing the light. Sit on a chair facing the camera and have a clean backdrop behind you. This way you know there is ample light and hopefully, no disturbance in terms of audio.

Have a good internet connection

Overlapping can happen in video interviews due to things like screen hanging, deferred audio, who may find the hiring manager unprofessional, avoid all such possibilities by making sure of internet connectivity.

And yes disconnecting with video call thank you. You can also add It was great talking to you, or looking forward to your next call, Thank you.

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