4 Golden Tips to Stay Consistent In life

Do you also feel this sudden urge from time to time to get all your life together? You would want to shatter the obstacles, touch the sky, reach the pinnacle.But then its merely two days into working n your goals and you might have already broadcasted about how you are now having your dinner at 7 pm from past days or how you have been going to the gym for 2 days but after that, this enthusiasm which was a guest in your life for about two days fades out as suddenly as it came in your life!

Have you ever thought, what would have happened had you been consistent with that enthusiasm, how your life would be now?

Well, it’s very rightly said that success comes to those who work on this consistently not occasionally and it doesn’t matter how great you are with your job but if you are consistent the greatness would follow.

We will be talking about “4 Golden Tips to Stay Consistent In life”.

#1. Set a challenge for 21 days

Now if you suddenly think of changing your life altogether forever then even the thought of it will make you intimidated so instead start small and give yourself a timeline of just 21 days for starters, now a lot of research has found that it takes 21 days to build a habit and rewire your system into getting rid of old ones. So after 21 days, your mind will be automatically be trained to imbibe and cultivate consistently for that activity.

And let’s say, it’s not the case for you, maybe you don’t catch hold of that habit but after 21 days of consistency., you will surely see yourself getting fruits of consistency, and eventually, it would be the reward that will keep you motivated enough to stay consistent without any external motivation.

#2. Take one step at a time

Now you must have heard the quote – Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Although I am a firm believer of have the cake and eat it too in this case, it really doesn’t go that way. Having too much on your plate can actually divert your focus and never keep you motivated enough to work on one task. So stick to one habit until it sticks to you. Schedule your entire life around that one main habit that you want to cultivate and then move on to the next one.

#3. Don’t wait for the right mindset, make the right mindset

Now you must have observed that initially when we are taking any challenge or making some resolution, we are extremely motivated but with time, this motivation fades away and then we give up. Now, this is a huge mistake because if you are making goals driving out a mere few minutes of motivation then it will never work because our mindset can never stay the same. If one minute you are feeling enthusiastic, the next minute you can feel exhausted and fatigued too, what would you do then? How would you stay committed to your goals?

#4. Keep track of your patterns

Now there will be many days when your mind would give you a variety of reasons to give up but that would be the real test of time. Maintain a journal or become more observant about you’re your patterns which include procrastination and excuses to shrug away from the task.

For example, you might notice that on weekends. you might not be that assertive about working out and your mind would give you the excuse of weekend or right after the weekend, the Monday blue would hit you and slow down your enthusiasm. It’s important to recognize these patterns because it helps us to shut our minds from distracting us from our goal, to call out ourselves when we are again giving ourselves another excuse to bail out. Once we get the hang of recognizing these patterns, we will not fall for them by staying consistent…

These were the few tips that can help you stay consistent and get things done.

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Good luck.

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