A quick guide to getting a job as a fresher in India

Congratulations! You are finally done with your graduation and if not, you might be at the onset of your professional life. Well, whatever the case be, now is the time to face the real world.

Hi guys, Welcome back to Shrofile, my name is Simran Keswani and today in this video, I will be talking about – “How to get a job as a fresher” but before I do that, please take a moment to subscribe to our channel and also press the bell icon, so you can get latest updates from us, every time we come online, so without further ado, let’s get started.

So, the first tip is to – Highlight your primary selling point

Now usually what happens is that the newly graduates or the freshers get intimidated because of no prior experience and that’s totally understandable because they feel they don’t have much to gain the employer’s confidence. However, during this time, highlighting your key skills, achievements and your values and your knowledge can be a great start to the interview. For example, Let’s say you are applying in an event organization and maybe you are a multi-tasker or maybe you have studied event planning in your graduation, now highlighting that can be a great start to the interview.

Not only that, in fact, it will also showcase your value and give you an edge over competitors.

Now let’s move on to the second point.

The second tip is to – Lay emphasis on overall growth

By overall growth, I mean any learning that makes your application strong and that ranges from your personality grooming to learning a new skill that is required for the job role. Now, whenever you apply for a new job role and you check their description, you will see a set of roles responsibilities that are expected from the candidate and if you don’t have those skills, it is always better to learn those skills and then apply for the job role, that will help you make your application strong. For example, you are applying for a Digital Marketing role and you have no idea about analytics or you have no idea about how to run an ad so, it’s always better to do some research or learn the basics from YouTube, you don’t have to go through the 6 months course to learn the skill, even the basics can help you to increase your chances to secure the job offer.

Now let’s move on to the third point.

Now, the third tip is to – Include internships and non-paid work experience

A lot of times, we don’t even recognize or give importance to our experiences merely because it has no monetary value attached to it. However, recruiters do evaluate these experiences to judge the ability of the candidate. Make sure to include any assignments, projects or internships that is relevant with the job role, it doesn’t matter if you were paid for it or not, what matters is that you contributed your time and efforts to learn a new skill. For example, let’s say, you are applying for a content writing role and you already used to write blogs there! That is exactly what will make you outshine and
secure the job offer and might as well showcase your dedication and enthusiasm towards that job role. Now let’s move on to the fourth point.

Now the fourth point is to – Apply in Bulk

Never ever rely on just one company for a job offer. Always remember that companies are spoilt for choices with so many applications flooded their way. Always make sure to expand your networking and apply in multiple places because It is not always possible that you will get a reply from one single place you have applied in and even if you do, its
even better because when you have more than one offer in hand, you have the power to negotiate and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

So, let’s move on to the fifth and the final point.

Now the fifth point is to Prepare the basic questions in advance

Now, this is the most obvious one yet the candidates still tend to give it a miss, make sure to do some preparation before your interview. Assign a friend or maybe a family member to ask you some expected questions, it will help you eliminate the last-minute jitters and make you seem more collected and confident at the time of the interview.

So, that was about the few tips and tricks to get your dream job. I hope you this video and if you did, don’t forget to like share, and subscribe and stay tuned for the next one.

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