How to keep the employees motivated with Work From Home?

As said by millions of people and articles on the internet already let’s begin by saying ‘The times have been difficult’. As identified by the ‘The New York Times’ the feeling of constantly feeling ‘blah’ or ‘demotivated’ is called ‘languish’.

We as a collective have been going through that feeling. There have been some instances where we learned, baked, and did home workouts, but the on and off lockdowns and new mutants have had our brains max out of positive thoughts.

But, going through all this we constantly also feel the need to do our jobs right. A lack of motivation however is observed. People feel the pressure to perform given the economic circumstances and companies laying off people. This pressure also leads to more demotivation. Motivation is what brings people to perform, employee performance is what brings more business for the organization; So for the best interest of the organization making efforts to keep the employees motivated is very crucial.

So we have some ideas for keeping the employees motivated.

What can the HR do?

HR can identify the employee’s issues and try to resolve them. The added expense of internet services can be reimbursed by the company. India is a huge landscape and people have moved back to their respective cities, and some places in India do face internet bandwidth challenges. Being considerate of these very real challenges employees are facing rather than being insensitive about it can be a very helpful first thing. Try and provide them with good IT solutions, a very active IT support can serve as the backbone in the WFH scenario.

How to tackle employees’ mental health issues?

Many companies have already collaborated with psychologists and offered counseling for their employees. You can limit it to a certain number of sessions, but working for a company that cares about your mental well-being builds a great belief system. Your employees having access to professional help will give managers and other stakeholders lesser issues to manage. Building trust by assuring them that their discussions with the therapists will not be disclosed is another key point to keep in mind.

Can be there any training and workshops?

Absolutely! But we at Shrofile suggest not going overboard with the online training. Work added with training doesn’t sound motivating to the employees. You can help arrange training that makes their job easy/simple or training that is not associated with their main job. Companies can also try getting trainers that teach things that are absolutely not related to their jobs. It can for eg. be a baking class or maybe a salad-making class, or an online session on how to make your snacking habits healthy. All these things are in the interest of your employees and their uplifted mood will eventually get them to perform better.

Can there be any reward system?

Company costs have seen a downward trend over the course of the pandemic. Companies in India and across the globe have not been able to give monetary growth to the employees and this has been a huge contributor to employees’ dissatisfaction. A key thing to note is if a company has not suffered in the pandemic and made regular or more profits, the employees know about it. So if then the company reasons that for not giving the annual hike, it will only cause problems. Being honest with your employees will help build the trust and willingness to work for them. If the company can manage the annual hikes, it’s great; but. Other than annual hikes other reward systems can be implemented. These need not be monetary rewards, it can be appreciation mails, internal titles, day-offs, etc.

What can the managers do?

They can keep a tap on the employee’s well-being. Constant validation and appreciation can be given for good work. Asking people to submit their hourly data can be made a little easy. There can be a collaboration in implementing reward process with the HR. Monthly titles can be suggested by the managers. The approvals for leaves can be made less strict and work distribution can be paid close attention to, to make sure no one person in the suffers.

These are some easy to implement ideas, we would love to hear your suggestions and additions and for that connect with us by visiting the contact us section. Keep following this space for more tips on careers and companies.

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