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How to Write A Great CV

It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. That’s a common phrase that can be heard everywhere. You might wonder what’s the purpose of using this phrase in a CV Guide blog? And the answer it’s simple to encourage you to write a perfect CV. Remember a company or HR receives a pool of CVs for the job. It entirely depends on how you uniquely write a CV. That can only help you make your CV stand out from others.

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What is succession planning? Everything you need to know


Succession planning is an intelligent business strategy companies employ to delegate leadership responsibilities to another employee or a group of employees. This ensures that a company keeps running smoothly and efficiently in the event of a senior-level employee retiring, passing away, or moving on to a new opportunity.

Succession planning makes sure that there is, at all times, an active talent pool of employees who are prepared to take on the vacant role in case an emergency arises.

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