What is headhunting and how does it help you find the right candidate?

Headhunting is a term widely associated with the hiring process that any company undertakes to find the right candidate for a vacant position. Companies go through the process of headhunting, which is also known as executive search, to scan the active as well as a passive talent pool to find the best fit for their senior-level position.


A company may reach out to professional head hunting agencies when they require someone to take on a senior-level role, like that of a company’s CEO or director.

Is headhunting the same as recruitment?

Headhunting is often used interchangeably with recruitment, however, there is a huge difference between these two hiring processes. While a traditional recruiter will only look at candidates who are currently available for the job role, headhunters will not put such limitations on their search and go beyond the available talent pool and screen all the potential candidates who might be a good fit for the job. Recruitment and headhunting work with the same intention and to reach the same goal—of filling a vacant position—but the paths they take to reach that goal and the approach with which they work are entirely different.

How do headhunters carry out the hiring process?

A carefully thought out and customized solution to a company’s hiring needs, headhunting or executive search is a simple yet efficient method that companies use to find the right candidate for niche leadership roles. The company may carry out the process internally or by outsourcing the task to an Executive Search Agency that specializes in the task of headhunting.

The process starts with a company approaching an executive search agency with the need for a new employee to take on a leadership role. Headhunters then formulate an understanding of the company’s needs and goals and align it with their candidate search to find the most suitable candidate.

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The headhunters then draft a detailed description highlighting everything, from required skills to qualifications and experience as per the company’s requirements. This is an important preliminary step that professional agencies specialize in. Developing an understanding of what the company is looking for is extremely important for specialized recruitment and this understanding is what guides the executive search.

After joining hands with the company and comprehending their needs and desires, headhunters set out to undertake an extensive search of the industry-wide talent pool and assess and evaluate the potential candidates on various parameters. Their multi-level hiring process makes it possible for them to screen the available candidates against the company’s requirements and identify the most suitable candidate for the role.

How do headhunters help you find the right candidate?

Headhunting is a careful evaluation that ensures the right selection. Hiring at the senior level is a job that allows no compromise. The leader dictates the success of a company and not being careful or professional when choosing a CEO or director will most definitely have dire consequences for the company and its future.

Headhunters realize that the right candidate is the one who is not only qualified and skilled enough for the role but whose personality will make him or her the right fit for the company. An external perspective on the company’s culture will ensure that the selection procedure is executed keeping all of these considerations in mind.

A proper recruitment process helps hire the right sort of candidates
A proper recruitment process helps hire the right sort of candidates

Professional headhunters have a huge network of top leaders and managers across the industry which helps them find the right fit for a company’s senior-level roles. Their experience in the field helps them develop extensive connections over the years that they can consult and approach whenever a senior-level position needs to be filled.

When you outsource the task to an Executive Search Agency you are eliminating the risk of making a biased and prejudiced decision. Extremely professional in their approach, headhunters make a judgment-free decision for the company and their search is purely dictated by what is best for the company.

Why should you consult a headhunter?

The process of hiring a top-level employee is complicated and arduous. Companies might end up investing a lot of their precious time and effort in the task and still not be able to arrive at a decision. Headhunters help companies simplify this process by providing a time and cost-effective solution that is hassle-free and reliable.

Executive agencies specialize in senior-level recruitments and are well aware of the required skill set for these highly skilled jobs. They use this knowledge coupled with the employer’s expectations to find the most suitable candidate. Scrutinizing CVs is an everyday task for the agency. Thus, they know what to look for in a strong resume and carefully assess the candidates’ complex skills, soft skills, and personalities.

The need to maintain discretion while executing a senior-level transition is difficult to ensure if a company decides to carry out the task internally. However, when a company outsources the task to a professional HR Management Firm, it can make sure that the task is executed discreetly and with utmost secrecy.

Searching for a headhunting agency?

Finding the right headhunter is the primary step to ensuring a smooth hiring process that concludes with the company finding its ideal candidate. There are a lot of options available and it is important to find the right agency for the task.

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