Video Interview Guide: Tips for a Successful Interview

If you have been camera shy all your life, 2020 has given you some practice for sure! Not just for jobs and interviews, even weddings took place on zoom calls. Live fitness sessions, Online exams, what not! And this gave birth to the question why not!? It saves time and effort on both ends. But you need to keep a few things in check for acing a video interview, here are those things: 

What face to make? 

As weird as it may sound, we all have this question in our heads while preparing for a video interview. Thanks to the ‘Selfie trends’ We have gotten used to facing the front camera, but to be in front of it, answering questions in an interview can seem a little intimidating. So let us make it simple for you, Smile! Ya, that’s it. Smiling makes you appear confident, make eye contact and calm your nerves. Listen to the question and answer as you would if you sitting across the table from the interviewer. It also depends on the job that you are applying for, Say you were applying for a desk job that doesn’t require you to be in front of the camera, your answers will be the sole deciding factor in if or not you will land the job. But, for a Senior Manager role in a multi-national company, your posture, command over language, presence of mind, confidence, etc. will be the deciding factors. 

How to set up the camera? 

Do not hold your phone in your hand and sit for the interview. It will not look steady or professional. The camera should be still, and where you are placing it should have good light. Natural lights are the best, but if you can get a ring light for a job interview. It makes you feel and appear confident in front of the camera. Place the camera on a tripod, make-shift tripod/ stand made of books or water bottle, on a table/window, and have a chair placed in front of it. Make sure you are not too close to the camera, let there be some space above your head till half torso is the recommended frame. Practice the camera angles, so that you develop some familiarity and confidence about your appearance. Shrofile recommends recording videos with assumable questions that will be asked in the job interview. This will give you clarity about your answers and about setting up the camera.

How should the audio be?

Clear, Of course! The job interviews are scheduled at least a day prior. You know the time, so plan a place in your house where there will be silence during those hours. If you live with your family, tell them to be quiet around that time and area. Don’t just rely on your laptop’s mic. Have your Bluetooth earbuds, AirPods connected. If you are doing the interview on your phone, most phones have a good audio quality, but make sure the surroundings are quiet. We in most cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Ahmedabad have festivities and vegetable vendors making audio guest appearances during work calls, so don’t lose the smile and confidence if something like that happens, address it like a fact, and move on.

What to wear? 

Wear your pajamas for the lower half, but the top half be a silicon-valley ready person. Mean business with your outfit, at least with the top half of it. Wear a plain shirt, look groomed, if makeup gives you a confidence boost, use a subtle amount of it, brush your hair, We recommend using a good perfume (No they can’t smell it through the screen) it will make you appear confident.

How to greet?

Keep it formal, smile and say, Hii good morning (or whatever time of the day it is), how are you? Answer their question with a smile. Introduce yourself, give them the space to ask you a question, let them finish the question, and then answer it. Don’t speak over the interviewer, Have a sound internet connection that eliminates any technical error such as screen freezing, time lag, unclear audio/video. 

Should I ask any questions as an interviewee?

Towards the end of a video interview, the interviewer asks if you have any questions for them, So have 1-2 questions to ask. They could be about the company, any policy, your growth in the company, work hours, etc. Remember to frame those questions properly, For eg. If you want to ask if you can get a promotion after a year of joining? Instead of being this direct, you can ask: If I meet the company’s expectations with my profile, does the company recognize and reward employees in one year? Frame your questions with a promising value proposition from your end, and then ask your questions. 

This brings us to the part where you both say thank you to each other and then you wait for the next call.

We wish you all the best for your video interviews and hope this was helpful.

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