5 things to keep in mind while hiring HR Managers

If you are looking for a job, you are bound to research the companies you have applied for and in almost all the reviews online, there’s a mention of the HR of that company. Well if you want those mentions to be positive, please keep reading on.

We at Shrofile are a team of experienced HR professionals, who take pride in calling it their passion. We have 5 things you should look out for while hiring for the HR team of your business:

Interpersonal skills over experience

Communication skill is the main nerve of the job of a HR manager. Even if you decide on onboarding a fresher for a recruitment role for your business, it will turn out to be a good decision if their interpersonal skills are good. When HR managers communicate with people, their being approachable is very important and you can only be approachable if you have good interpersonal skills.

Their love for organizing/ putting things in order

HR managers deal with a lot of paperwork and all of it needs to be arranged and kept in order for any future references. A person who shares a love for such activities is a good choice for the job. There are onboarding formalities, too many resumes that the company keeps receiving, travel & conveyance documents, reimbursement claims etc. all these need to be organized in a smart fashion for a smooth functioning of the business, so Shrofile recommends hiring someone who loves to do it.

Dispute resolving skills

No matter the size of the business, multiple people sharing a space often becomes dispute inviting. All these disputes are reported to the HR, the HR needs to handle it in a way that the both parties feel valued and the overall output doesn’t suffer from this dispute. Of course in matters such as discrimination basis gender, preference, religion, etc. the policies need to be reviewed and these situations may call for a stern decision, but if the dispute is small and calls for a conversation with both parties, the HR needs to be capable to host such conversations.

Team bonding initiatives

HR’s are known to be the team that brings people at work together to celebrate occasions. The enthusiasm to initiate such get-togethers that help in team-building and uplifts team spirit is key while hiring HR managers. They need to be suggestive of team-building exercises and should promote inclusivity from all the departments.

Email friendly personnel

HR’s more than anyone deal with emails, and their reading emails is most crucial. HR managers also send out emails to the entire company. Their being thorough about documenting things very well on emails is therefore very important. Company communications about promotions, policy changes, outbounds, etc. happen via. HR emails, and these are very important communications, hence their being email friendly is really very helpful.

These are the 5 things you should keep in mind while hiring the HR team for your business, you can also reach out to us as we specialize in hiring HR managers and we do that with new age technological tools that leave no room for glitches. You can read more on it by clicking on our services page, till then we wish you all the best for any upcoming hirings.

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