How to recruit new employees online?

Online recruitments have become the new norm. With the world getting accustomed to the hybrid model of working from home online recruitments have also become to be the way forward.

The first thought attached to online recruitment is that it saves time, but with it comes the challenges for eg. making wrong judgements in hiring an employee. While there are software/ online tools available for the process to be as glitch-free as possible, the interpersonal skills are still to be judged based on a virtual interview.

Here are a few things to look out for after the basic eligibility criteria for a job is matched by the candidate for the available job:

How to recruit new employees online?
How to recruit new employees online?


The work from home model allows for a lot of flexibility, hiring managers should look for time discipline in the candidate while hiring him/her. With virtual meetings, there is the convenience of no travel time but hiring someone who respects this saved time and shows up for the online meetings on time is very important. Delays in virtual meetings are as unprofessional as delays in in-person meetings. A candidate that doesn’t let the interviewer wait on the meeting invite is one of the first filters to put them through.

Interpersonal skills

The online working module has limited human interactions, the infamous cafeteria conversations aren’t happening as much. Even while hiring for work from the office module one must have good interpersonal skills, especially while hiring mid-level managers and team leaders. Communication gaps can result in a bad retention rate in the employees for the company, hence hiring someone who is empathetic, easy to reach out to for a senior-level manager and mid-level manager is important.


India as a job market is very volatile, the ratio of available jobs to available candidates is always imbalanced. For this to be a profiting situation for the company the recruiting managers should hire candidates that have some dedication for the job. One way to check for dedication is to give assignments to the candidates and the quality of submission will make their intentions for the job very clear.

There are online tools that can be used for formulating these assignments based on the nature of the job available. Especially for executive positions, the intent to work should be very high. The other criteria for judgement of a candidate that arise with assignments are the time taken by the candidate to finish the assignment, the submitted assignment and the persona of the candidate on the virtual meeting is in synergy or not. Shrofile as a modern-day recruitment solution company highly recommend investing time and creating assignments for available positions.

These would be the top 3 things to look out for while hiring someone online after they have been filtered basis the eligibility of the job. One tip for the recruiters that Shrofile has is to be open-minded about virtual interviews, and patient with the process.

It eventually does prove to be time-saving and if done with the right amount of effort and tools can be as effective if not more than physical recruitments. For filtering the candidates’ basis eligibility we also recommend using our online tool that lets recruiters filter resumes basis any keywords of preference, and it is then an error-free list of candidates to be interviewed for the role.

Feel free to reach out to us for this and more advanced online tools for recruitments by visiting the contact us tab on the website.

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