How to prepare for an entry level HR job interview

Human Resource is what builds businesses and companies, they are the team that hires people for jobs, but when it comes to hiring the HR for a company there are important things that recruiters look at.

As the Founder of Neha Lal says “Hiring is always a personal call” but, supporting it with a skill set and the right attitude is what makes the recruiter hire a candidate. If you are starting off your HR career, and applying for entry-level jobs following are the things you will be evaluated on:

How to prepare for an entry level HR job interview
How to prepare for an entry level HR job interview

Organizational skills

How good are you at organizing data, spreadsheets, and something as routine as updating an email list. HR’s sending out emails to different teams/departments across the company to have the email list updated is one of the very important tasks. Other than that, there are hirings at different levels of the organization maintaining candidate data and organizing it for future referral is an important skill. Demonstrating these skills or mentioning a few techniques that prove your affinity for these skills can be very helpful. Talk about how data can be arranged in the spreadsheet, with what excel sheet formula that will be easy to consume that data for operations to run smoothly and that will land you in a good position.

Interpersonal and conflict resolving skills

This is one of the key skills expected out of entry-level HR professionals. The front desk executives/day-to-day management involves some human interaction, and the have those operations go frictionless is the responsibility of the HR executive. Reporting the conflicts, listening to people’s problems, having solutions to those problems, or a process in place to resolve those issues in a set time, etc. is important. You could be met with problems in the interview and if there is an example of a dispute coming as a question to you in your interview, examine the nature of the conflict, come up with an answer that comes from a place of knowledge and not authority. While some conflicts can be resolved instantly, try saying that you will pacify the situation and then come back to both parties and have a conversation that will avoid any future conflicts like these, also say that you will bring it to notice to the respective team leaders for them to take necessary measures at their end.

Team building initiatives

Any company/business runs smoother with employees working as teams. For there to be that feeling of team, the HR of the companies take initiatives, it sometimes is a small thing like a team lunch, or sometimes a bigger initiative like a team-building workshop. The HR must strive to make attempts at making teams stronger, so the employees feel a sense of belongingness and they work with each other rather than working in isolation.

Implementation skills

The HR department in companies introduces new working patterns, software, processes in the workplace, and entry-level HR executive is expected to be good at implementing those changes. Sending about timely reminder emails, reminding people to log in to the software, etc. fall under the spectrum of work of an entry-level HR executive. To the interviewer you can explain how good you are at reminding people about things, the examples can be very simple and from your day-to-day life, but establishing that trust by saying that you are good and consistent with your reminders to make implementations successful can be very helpful.

These are a few skills to showcase if you are interviewing for an entry-level HR job, for further interview practices you can click on the practice interviews tab on our profile. It is an advanced AI-supported tool, that will ask you a few interview questions and the analysis will be very detailed basis your pauses, your eye contact while answering the question, what you did well, and where there is a scope of improvement. Do try our that tool before your interview and let us know how helpful it was.

Shrofile wishes you the best for your interview!

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