We are more than our CV

CVs aka Curriculum Vitae have become an integral part of our lives with time. Without a CV you are not approved by most of the recruiters and thus, miss a great number of opportunities before you even think. It is a must to have your CV describing the necessary qualities about your personal and professional life.

CVs are a great way to exhibit yourself in the best of ways so as to connect with companies.

But somehow CVs have made us dependent and bound!

Dependent on it to display our experience yet not expression. We put huge efforts and energy in creating the perfect CV but then gradually begin to lose our hold on the power of expressing ourselves in person. We have in one way or another bounded our potential to it. Feel so?

Each individual has an immense level of capability in her/him. It is never defined by or limited to just a CV. It is only an organized yet restricted introduction to our lives. It cannot define what we really are, how we feel, how our opinions and choices matter and more… 

To carry forward and to abide by the title, we certainly are much more to our CV. We may feel that we know the least about ourselves still cent percent we are our best narrators. We just need to explore that new side of us along with new fields of expertise.

To end with this with a line of wisdom would be appropriate.

‘We create CVs, they don’t create us!’

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