Leadership Traits – Qualities of a Successful Modern Leader

Leadership Traits - Qualities of a Successful Modern Leader

Leaders must be able to think quickly, make effective decisions, and stay true to their larger vision and strategy.

Good leaders must possess integrity, confidence, courage, respect, empathy, and appreciation. You need to learn to be agile and use your influence while effectively communicating and delegating. Learn how to acquire and improve these critical leadership skills at every level of your organization.

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Video Interview Guide: Tips for a Successful Interview

If you have been camera shy all your life, 2020 has given you some practice for sure! Not just for jobs and interviews, even weddings took place on zoom calls. Live fitness sessions, Online exams, what not! And this gave birth to the question why not!? It saves time and effort on both ends. But you need to keep a few things in check for acing a video interview, here are those things: 

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5 Step guide to getting best global talent – Shrofile

Recruiting The Best International Talent

With the internet it’s like the boundaries have faded and everything is available everywhere. So why not talent? It’s like the best cocoa comes from Ghana and if your baking can be made exquisite with that cocoa powder why not source it? Similarly for a passion project why limit resources to boundaries? Here are 5 steps to keep in mind when hiring people from a different country:

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Startup Hiring Guide: How to Hire Right Talent – Shrofile

India is slowly becoming a prominent name in terms of startups in the world, with more than 55 thousand startups from the country. On the share of billion-dollar startups (unicorns), India ranks 3rd after the United States and China. With the technology and creativity available in the country, we can only expect exponential growth in terms of Startups in India.

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