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India is slowly becoming a prominent name in terms of startups in the world, with more than 55 thousand startups from the country. On the share of billion-dollar startups (unicorns), India ranks 3rd after the United States and China. With the technology and creativity available in the country, we can only expect exponential growth in terms of Startups in India.

We also realize the passion that goes behind starting a startup and we want to assist you through the process of getting the right people. Here are 4 things you need to see when hiring for a startup:

  1. Energy: The person should appear buzzing with caffeine (not literally). There are roles and responsibilities beyond the designation that one needs to own up to. There is a LOT of work that needs to be done and without a LOT of energy, it may seem problematic. Check if they have experience working with a startup, if not from their personal life when they handled chaos with grace and got the job done. Ask them questions to determine they have the willpower to withstand all the expected and unexpected challenges
  2. Technological soundness: Technology is the backbone of almost all startups. While hiring the tech-support team, be extremely cautious and patient. Check the skills and knowledge of the applicants by giving them assignments. You can give them a demo website to work on or create coding solutions for a problem that resonates with your startup. Even while hiring the Content writers/ Creative support team having people that have additional Digital Marketing knowledge, SEO writing, SEM, etc. is a big plus!
  3. Flexible attitude: You are supposed to wear many hats working in a startup. There is mostly no defined structure of the team or work or work hours one needs to adapt to the working style. A flexible attitude is a must when looking for any role for a startup. An IT person, Web developer may sit and brainstorm marketing ideas with the other team members, A creative writer may also need to give ideas to the website backend team. It is all over the place, but you need to find someone that looks at the lack of hierarchy like a fun challenge and not an issue.
  4. Understanding of Startup culture: People in a startup grow with it, and the startup grows with its people. Finding people that add to the values of the brand is important. There is the “Startup Culture” that one needs to adapt to. It’s the core sense of belongingness, having each other’s back, and ownership of responsibilities that will make the work environment healthy. So hiring people with good interpersonal skills is important.

Lastly, If all of this seems overwhelming or challenging to you, we are here to help. We at Shrofile have customisable recruitment support suitable for your startup.

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