Because we are all Unique!

Every individual in this world is born for a reason.

We all have been blessed with the same set of eyes, legs, hands, ears etc., and the rest of the body (except for a few not so privileged ones)

Still, we look different. So is it that ‘what makes us unique is just the physical appearance’?

Not really! It is actually every individual’s mental appearance that makes her/him unique from the rest.

Everyone has a different thought process and understanding of things in life. We are blessed with our own skills and talents. We have our strengths, weaknesses, positives, negatives etc. 

We face varied situations in our own way. Sometimes with utter calmness, sometimes in a panic, sometimes by getting angry or crying while sometimes with a smile, but at the end, we fight through the reality and move on.

Likewise, considering our social behaviour, it connects us to new people. We like some, we dislike others. Some get close to us, some not, while some hate us. We cannot every time control situations around us. Though, we can surely control ourselves. 

It is quite okay to know, we might be similar to some people, share common interests/mindset with them. But again that doesn’t make us the same.

We are and will always be unique! Unique because of our choices. Unique coz we believe in ourselves. Unique as we stand with complete intrepidness in our difficult times. Unique for we are our own masters. We are not perfect but we are unique in every aspect.

Remember! Physical appearance doesn’t work at the end, it is the quality of a person that makes her/him beautiful or ugly!

So the key is, be genuinely what you are! Because being yourself is the most attractive and unique trait a human can have!

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