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Every working professional has come across this term especially over the past few years. While the name itself is very suggestive of the meaning, the healthy balance in life where your work

is not getting affected by other things going on in your life and other things in your life not getting affected by the volume of work you have is called a good work-life balance.

With the growing popularity of the internet and how it has helped our working speed, most of our work has become online and because online is always on, most of us struggle with finding the snooze button when it comes to working. The exposure to mental health issues have brought it to our attention and we are all making efforts to strike that healthy balance, here are a few tips that can help

Dissociate yourself with your work post-work hours

Most of us have the habit of bringing work home, and if not that we exhaust ourselves by consuming more work-related content after work hours. The demarcation of what’s work and what are your other interests beyond work is very important. Say for example your work as a photographer, you are at work for 8 hours and after being back from work you watch and read about photography only, that can narrow your perspective and you would feel exhausted because you have worked and thought about only photography for these many hours.

Time management will bring you work-life balance

We have all been in situations where we have known that we are not utilizing our time in the best way. Being in the office and spending too much time around colleagues taking multiple breaks will postpone your work, which will eventually result in increased work volume and a certain deadline to finish that work. This kind of time utilization also prevents you from developing hobbies beyond your job. So managing time is one of the key skills in achieving that work-life balance. One thing to keep note of is that you might not be able to change things immediately but in the longer run, it does start to show.

Learn to prioritize your tasks

If you don’t set priorities for your tasks you will constantly feel the pressure of a lot of work, which will take away your motivation to approach any of the tasks. The best way to go about it is to see what’s on priority one for today, finish your part of the job and move to the next. Ask for help from your senior managers in allocating the priority levels on tasks for you and start by something that you know you can finish the fastest and the tasks completion motivation will take you forward to the next tasks

Make your surroundings motivating

Whether it is about setting up a desk you feel motivated to work at, or surrounding yourself with people you look up to will motivate you to be efficient with your time. Making time for some physical activity has also shown to be a positive addition. Stepping out of your cubicle or work desk at home also helps with focusing better, as breaks are necessary.

These are just a few points we think are easy to incorporate, to bring a positive change in work-life balance. We would love to hear from you, your feedback or suggestions are welcomed at shrofile. We are a group of experienced HR professionals backed by the latest technological tools to help companies establish processes and systems that promote a healthy workl[ife balance. Feel free to reach out to us by clicking on the contact us button for this or any other assistance for your company. We look forward to hearing from you.

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