Why the world should know you?

Who are you? Where do you come from?What’s your identity?

There is nothing special about these questions. They are some day to day questions put up by people when meeting for the first time.

But what if you don’t meet/know anyone but still people would want to know (or already know) about you, they would want to meet you, get inspired by you, and deeply value you and blah blah.

How does this sound? Umm, amusing enough?

This is what the power of being known is!

We all are special. We are unique. We all have our own identity. And for most of us our identity is limited to a small group or society. But when it comes to professional life, limiting your identity isn’t good for you.

Interestingly, after the outset of Internet, many of such problems have been solved. You can find a number of sources where you can easily create your profile and tell the world about you. The purpose is to present your skills/talent, your passion, your professional/personal life, I mean, anything but not fake!

When today everyone is in the race of survival, showcasing what you are is important to reap the hard efforts you do to find success in life. Because when people will come to know about you then they will respect you and your dedication.

Never forget, you are much more than you think!

There is always a catalyst to accelerate your good work. So ask yourself, how far will you go to find it, to ultimately make others find you?

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