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Now talking about the Importance of Interview Preparation, the first point is to “Present an Ideal Version of Yourself” so guys, always remember one thing , no matter you have an experience of 10 years or you are just a fresher , it is very common for you to have a cold feet right before your interview and to eliminate the last minute jitters it is very important to do the preparation well in-advance so that would make you seem more collected and confident.

So guys, we suggest you a very good tip – Just an align an interview set up at your home and assign some of your friend or maybe your family member to ask you a series of potential question. Now when you do that, it would not only help to increase your confidence at the time of the interview but it would also give you clarity of response and also give you buffer time to prepare with the unfamiliar questions and not only this but you would be mindful about your body language and hand gestures and by this it would give you constructive feedback on where you are supposed to improve and what is sitting perfectly fine with you. So, that was about the first topic, now lets quickly move on to the last second point.

Moving on to the second point now which is “Outshining Competitors”. Now in the current scenario of the market, the competition has become quite tough as the companies are spoilt for choices with so many applications flooded their way so no matter how qualified or experienced you are, there is still not guarantee that you will secure the job offer because there could be 10 more people applying for the same job as you. And while you woudnt be aware about their pros and cons, you should be aware about your own USP, which will help you give an edge over others and this is exactly a good preparation comes into play.

When you prepare for an interview in advance, it helps you to determine your strengths and your weaknesses and then deliver it tactfully by highlighting your USP. So, lets just say that you have all the experience that is required for the job role, you have all the learnings for this job role but there was a gap I your work, there was about 4 month gap in your work and you took that gap because there was a lot of workload and you wanted to take a break now, of course you cannot land into your next interview saying that I took that interview because I wanted to relax and there was a lot of work load because then you would never be considered a dedicated candidate and you don’t want to do that, right? So, when you prepare for an interview in advance it gives you the buffer time to have clarity in your responses and then if there is some shortcoming in your resume, you can tactfully handle it.

Now, if you don’t do that you would b sitting point blank in your interview. And while everything else would be in the right place, this one mistake or not preparing well in advance can actually make everything else go wrong. And then they might even consider someone who has less experience than you. So, take some time to prepare well in advance, understand your strengths and weaknesses and determine your USP. Think about what you might have to offer that other people don’t and when you do that, you might even come up with the answer to the shortcoming in your resume.

So, let’s say even though you took that 4-month break, you might have used that time into learning some new skills. You might have learnt something that was which would be relevant with this job role, try to incorporate that. And when yu are done doing that, research a bit about the company, their future prospects, what they expect out of you, when their company started, their history. This would not only give you an edge over others but also make you seem a serious and dedicated candidate to be considered. So, that’s about the second point, now let’s quickly move on to the third and last point.

Moving on, to the last point now, which is Overall Growth. Now of course, you would be doing interview preparation for a particular role, but if you think about it, acing those interview skills is more like a life skill besides improving your chances to secure the job offer, it also helps ypu to improve your confidence, your communication proficiency, your thought-provoking abilities and even be well-rehearsed for any prospect opportunity lying in the corner so whether, you want to analyze your body language, your hand gestures, understand your strengths and weaknesses and be more aware and mindful about yourself.

Interview preparation is one good way of doing it so, whether you get anything else or not, one thing you will definitely get out of interview preparation is personal improvement and overall growth. So, all in all, I feel interview preparation is an investment towards growth. So, yes guys, that’s about it in this video and I hope you understood the importance of Interview Preparation because t definitely increases the chances of you securing the job offer by multi-folds.

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