Why is it important to have an Inspiration?

Inspiration.. What comes in your mind when you first hear it?

A person? A thing? A place?

A sense of motivation?

A drive for something good you want?


Or maybe all of these?

We are living in a world full of talent and competition. All of us are talented and capable without any doubt. But ever thought. Why some people are more focussed and driven than others? Why is it they aspire to become something and they succeed?

The answer is Inspiration. Yes, you heard it right!

They are not just driven by passion but also because they have some form of inspiration in their lives to push them towards their aim.

When we are inspired with someone or something, we get highly motivated. We feel a pump of adrenaline throughout our body. We suddenly feel the need to follow their footsteps and achieve something in life.

In trying to find ourselves, we begin to find the meaning of life. And when we do, it starts boosting us in every way.

But the real issue is, only a few adhere to their inspiration as they succeed to get looped in the cycle of inspiration and passion.

For others, the magic vanishes soon. They are back to where they started. They never go ahead of their thoughts. Execution is a far off thing. And so, this leads to mediocrity.What we need to remember is humans are emotional beings. We laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we show anger, love etc. This is the way our systems work. We have our own highs and lows in life. But what keeps us moving is our force to never quit.

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