Corporates are getting connected with video

Needless to say, when the society changes how can professionals be left behind. As a matter of fact, it was companies that led the usage of video conferences in the late 90s and through the last two decades. With the coming of the handheld smartphone and broadband internet, companies have taken the video way of expression into every aspect of their working.

– CEOs are sharing their update to a globally dispersed work force over video. There are many examples:

  • HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes says “I needed a way to interact each week with every member of my company, all around the world. The time commitment on my side needed to be minimal… I shoot my videos selfie-style on my iPhone. I give myself one take to get them right–no cuts or edits. If I fumble, I generally just regroup and keep going. 
  • “For my last meeting, rather than doing a big all-hands, I did a two-minute video, put myself on Snapchat, and now, the way that I communicate with everybody at SAP, both formally and informally, is on Snapchat,” SAP President of North America Jennifer Morgan revealed during a panel on Thursday at the 2016 Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, Calif.

-Start-ups are raising funds on by making video presentations

  • Kickstarter has millions of videos that help it in introducing products and founders and these videos are the core content that is used to raise funds.

-Product presentations and trainings are facilitated using videos 

  • Uber is using training videos for its driver app across all locations in all languages
  • There are over 1800 videos across languages for Uber driver training
  • There are 42,000 plus videos related to corporate training on YouTube

-Overall the usage of videos in corporates is staggering. Here are some data points on how recruiting is being done using videos:

  • 63% of organisations currently use Live Video Interviewing on a regular basis
  • Pre recorded interviews Reduce Time-to-fill by 23% and Reduce Screening time by 47%
  • Job posts get 36% more applications if accompanied by a recruiting video.
  • 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text.

At Shrofile, we believe that we have now, definitively, entered the world of video expression. Companies and Professionals are embracing this medium of engagement. And the better ones will ensure a more conscious use of video to make their personality come out right, and share their profiles.

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