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I will be talking about the “objective of an interview”. Now, you must be thinking why are we talking about the objective of an interview so here’s the thing always remember “Intent is prior to Content”, What I mean by that is ki – agar humein pata hi nahin hoga ki interviewer kis perspective se question poochh rha hai toh ya to hum humesha galat answer denge or we will always stumble upon the question. Right? So, to eradicate this problem altogether, I will be talking about the objective of an interview from the perspective of an interviewer Firstly

who is an Interviewer?

Now an interviewer could be:

  • human resource recruiter
  • head of the department
  • internal recruiter
  • external recruiter Basically

anyone who helps you to get to the next level of the interview or give you the job offer directly is an interviewer. Interviewer helps you get the next level or job offer

Intent is prior to Content

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I’ll be talking about the “Relevant Experience”. Now what happens is whenever, any candidates go for an interview they start going on and on about their own qualifications, strengths, weaknesses without understanding what does the interviewer expects out of them. So the first point would be Relevant Experience.

Now what do I mean by relevant experience?

Any experience that aligns with the Job Role is relevant experience. So let’s say, you are going for an interview and the interviewer asks you the most basic standard question which is “tell me something about yourself” now instead of telling him that you have a family 5 members, with a dog name snoopy and an angel named and other 3 members. You should be telling him about the experience that is relevant.

Let’s say you are applying for a sales representative role and in your previous company your sales target was 50 clients but you could make it to 53 clients a month. Take about that, now that is a relevant experience and a relevant achievement. In the short span of interview, you would want to emphasise on only those points which you think would make a good impact on the employer and also would also help you secure the job offer.

So that’s the first point. Moving on, to the second point now.

Relevant Experience

#ObjectiveOfAnInterview​​ #Interview​​ #RelevantExperience​ #PersonalityTraits​ #InterviewTips​ #AdditionalValue

I’ll be talking about the “Personality Traits”. Second point is personality traits. Now what do I mean by personality traits? Every individual has their own personality type, while some would be ambivert, some would be extrovert and some would even be introvert.

But employers are specifically looking for those traits that aligns with the core value of the company. So, let’s say you are a very reserved person who likes to think more but you talk less while this could be a great attribute for someone who is applying for a content writing role, it might not go down very well for a someone who is applying for a PR executive role. Because then, it might come in the way of your job and then you would be questioned,

how you would build rapport with people?
How would you interact with people, you are so reserved and all of that, So you might want to refrain from talking about those traits that can give you dull moment in the conversation of your interview, Now I am not asking you to be not authentic, all I am asking you is to talk about those traits which you think would be relevant with your job profile.

Personality Traits

I’ll be talking about the “Additional Value”. Moving on to the third and the final objective is – “Additional Value” Now what do I mean by additional value. Yes, you do have the experience which is important for the job role.

Your personality type is also such that, it aligns with the core value of the company. But there could be 10 more people applying for the same position as you and there are also chances that these 10 people would have an equivalent or even more experience than you. So,

what make you stand out?
What gives you an edge over them and what makes you different. Well, that’s something that you need highlight in your interview.

How would u do that?
Well remember one thing, whenever an interviewer is hiring a candidate, they are not only looking for someone who has relevant experience or whose personality aligns with the company’s culture. But they are also looking for someone who can make their life easy.

How do you make them believe that you are this person, who can make their life easy?
Well, you need to show them, that you are dedicated, you are hardworking, you are trustworthy and most important you have something to offer that others don’t.

how do you do that? So, let’s say you are applying for a fashion and beauty content writing role and you also maintain a fashion blog on WordPress or maybe on some other social media platform of yours, So, talk about that, not only will it give you an edge over others but would also give an impression to your employers that you are dedicated, you are passionate, you are driven and very keen to do this job. And then, a little less experience would also not be relevant. So ya guys, that’s about the third point and that’s about it in this video.

And trust me guys, if you are able to answer the questions after understanding these three objectives from the perspective of an interviewer.
Trust me, you will never stumble upon the question again and you will definitely ace the interview.
So, I hope you liked this video

Additional Value

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