Master The Art of Speaking English with 5 Easy Tips

The importance of having a good command of English cannot be ignored especially since English is an internationally accepted language.

Not to say that English is the parameter to judge someone’s capabilities but good communication is always an add-on and also the global business language.
Now if you are watching this video, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t have any issue in understanding English but when comes to communication, you might come across a little difficulty in communicating fluently but worry not because we will share with you a few tips to master your art of speaking English or for that matter any language
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Frame your thoughts in English

Now, this might sound a little uncanny but just think about it when we speak in our native English, we also think in that language because it is a part of our inner speech. However, while speaking in English or any other language your speech might be slower because you are still translating from your first language, so the best way to work on your English is to train your mind into thinking in that language itself. This might sound tedious but putting conscious and mindful efforts can help you with it. You can simply start by noticing things around you and trying to name them all in English. Practice this when you are home, while you wake up and when you sleep, and soon you will see yourself becoming fluent while talking in English.

Record yourself

Every day record yourself talking in English about your day for at least 3 to 5 minutes, it’s a great way to do self-assessment and would help you understand where did you go wrong, what can be improved, and where the pronunciation isn’t sitting right, it’s also a safe space since there is no one to judge.

Switch to English podcasts and videos

Watching movies, listening to songs, or watching YouTube is a part of our daily lives so why not incorporate learning English while having fun. Indulge in entertainment that’s in English and soon you will be able to adapt the language in different dictions and varied glory.

Add to your vocabulary every day!

From Kangana Ranaut to many other film stars, they all have confessed that their secret recipe of mastering the art of speaking good English came with a lot of learning. Aim to learn at least 3 words every day and try framing sentences by incorporating those words and soon you will see yourself excelling in English

So that was about all in this video. Hope this video helps in getting closer to your aim for language excellence. Stay tuned for the next one.

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