5 Step guide to getting best global talent – Shrofile

Recruiting The Best International Talent

With the internet it’s like the boundaries have faded and everything is available everywhere. So why not talent? It’s like the best cocoa comes from Ghana and if your baking can be made exquisite with that cocoa powder why not source it? Similarly for a passion project why limit resources to boundaries? Here are 5 steps to keep in mind when hiring people from a different country:

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Videos – the new way of self expression – by Shrofile

We have always liked to see people talk and express. That is how we make friends, form work-groups, select team-members and choose who we want to connect with. It gives us a better sense into who people are – their choices, preferences, though process, communication and body language. We can find so much about people by just taking a glance at them and talking to them for a few seconds.

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