10 Video Job Interview Tips You Need To Know To Ace Your Video Interview

According to an analysis by McKinsey, more than 20 per cent of the workforce could work remotely three to five days a week as effectively as they could if working from an office. Thus, more recruiters will work remotely, therefore, conduct video job interviews at a higher frequency. The chances of a video job interview are 100% if you are applying for a job that functions remotely.

Thus, you need to put your best foot forward, prepare for a video interview to stand out among the rest, and get that job. We are here to help you by giving you ten video job interview tips to increase your chances of getting hired and joining your dream company. We have covered most aspects of a video job interview, so you don’t have to struggle and face an embarrassing situation in front of your potential employer. So without any further delay, let’s spill the secrets of acing your following video job interview.

Ten video interview tips that you need in your life ASAP

Now that you understand that your future job interviews will be on video, it is crucial to prepare for them beforehand and increase your chances of getting selected. Here are ten tips from our side that will help you prepare for an upcoming video job interview.

01. Test your technology

Due to the rise in technology, you can use a laptop, tablet, or phone to attend a video job interview; however, you need to set yourself up for success irrespective of the device you use. Ensure that your device is not malfunctioning, especially video and audio-wise. We recommend that you use earphones for a better voice and sound quality. Therefore, make sure that there are no connection issues and the earphones are functional. Zoom and Google Meet have an option to test your video and sound quality. Use it three days prior, so you have ample time to procure a new device or earphones.

02. Charge your device

Let’s be honest: misfortune strikes us in the most critical events. Thus, you need to be prepared for any electricity failure during your interview. Charge your device and avoid the embarrassment of disrupting an interview due to low battery. It is a simple tip yet one that can slip your mind, so set a reminder ASAP.

03. Dress appropriately

Interview Dress Code
Interview Dress Code

First impressions matter, and thus you need to dress in appropriate attire for your video interview. Just because it is a video interview doesn’t mean you skip wearing pants and instead wear pyjamas. Dressing boosts confidence and therefore dress from head to toe for that inner confidence. Also, keep in mind that there are no stains or creasing since it can leave a bad impression too. Finally, try to wear something comfortable and avoid tight-fitting clothes since that can cause rigidity in your body language. A good interview can pick on those cues, and that may lead them to draw their conclusions.

04. Background in a video job interview matters

Imagine sitting for a video interview with a messy room in the background. It will set an impression that you are sloppy and irresponsible regarding your belonging and cause unnecessary distraction. Moreover, you can see your video too, and it can distract you too. Thus, to avoid distractions and embarrassment, sit in front of a clean background. Ideally, you can sit in front of a blank wall to remove any scope of distraction, but if the lighting is an issue, you can clean your room and remove any distractions.

05. Arrive early

In a physical interview, arriving early gives a good impression, and it’s the same for an online one. If you received an email invitation for the interview, you might join the video interview early. It will help with the nerves, and you will give a first good impression to the interviewer. Moreover, it is always ideal to arrive early rather than late.

06. Maintain good eye contact and body language

We communicate verbally as well as with our bodies. The way you sit and how you use your hands communicates subliminally to the other person. Therefore, slouching and no eye contact will give an unconfident impression increasing your chances of rejection. We suggest maintaining eye contact and sitting straight to exude confidence. Look at this graph that states that self-confidence matters in an interview.

Source: https://graduateland.com/article/what-employers-want-interview

07. Clear diction, project and pause

Another crucial part of communication is your voice’s clarity and volume. Notice how we speak in a low volume when we are not confident about our answers. Moreover, we start to talk fast when we have scattered thoughts. Therefore, to appear calm, cool, collected, and confident, speak slowly so that your pronunciation is clear and project your voice with enough force to be audible. Moreover, take a few pauses so that the interviewer can comprehend your answer.

08. Prepare for commonly asked questions

Interviewers ask some generic questions like tell me about yourself. Prepare your answers beforehand and practice them to avoid any embarrassment and regret your answers later.

09. Ask some questions

Every interviewer ends with asking if you have some questions. Do not just say no, and prepare some questions of your own. You can ask about the company culture and any skills you lack so you can upskill yourself ASAP and be the perfect fit for the role. Ask questions that show that you want to be the best and a good fit for the company.

10. End with gratitude

When the interview ends, say a quick thank you and a not of appreciation. It will leave a lasting impression and will increase the chances of the recruiter hiring you.

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