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Shrofile Recruitment, we pride ourselves on being a professional and reliable technology recruitment agency.

Shrofile Recruitment Germany: Germany recruitment agency

Shrofile Recruitment, we pride ourselves on being a professional and reliable technology recruitment agency. Our success is rooted in the way we match companies and candidates in long-term relationships.

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Our international recruitment agency in Germany has become the leader in recruiting multilingual candidates in Sales, IT, Finance, Customer Services…

Our offerings to candidates

Freelance opportunities with remote working

Freelance opportunities with remote working

There are global companies that do their best research to locate the talent epicenters of their requirements and hire people on a remote work contract. We at Shrofile identify such international recruitment opportunities for you and bridge you to those opportunities. These opportunities are freelance Hi-Tech Hardware & Software development projects, Conversation AI coding jobs, Cybersecurity engineers, UI designers, Technology HR developers, etc.

Opportunities International Companies with local offices

Opportunities International Companies with local offices

The global companies with their local offices in India are also a route for an international career. Some companies help you with relocation to a different country depending on your growth and performance. This is a patience-driven process but a non-risky one too. So you could be an apt candidate being in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangaluru, or any city in India for an International career opportunity, and just being in our database can help you get there.



We study the market and make sure to offer a fair income and moving support to the finalized candidate. For overseas recruitments, the accommodations and other expenses even after several hours of internet surfing can be confusing for the candidates, so we break down the details and make our best efforts to help them understand the pay scale and benefits offered by the company. We extend our help to make the offer fair for both the company and candidate.

Our offerings to companies

  • Understanding the role from the local market context, immigrant benefit, relocation: We study the role in terms of the local market, if a local talent was to be hired for the role, how does it weigh against hiring someone across the borders. If the role demands a particular international candidate, we work on defining the immigrant benefits for the company and candidate to make things transparent and vindicate the decision-making process.
  • Looking for passive candidates: When outsourcing overseas talent there is rarely an active application process, which is why as an international recruitment agency we look for passive candidates. This is our database of candidates that have the supreme skillset. Having vast experience in assisting recruitments with companies in the US and the UK, We have an understanding of the markets and company’s requirements.
  • Deep technical screening: We do an in-depth technical screening of passive candidates and their background checks. For our international staffing solutions, we identify the needs of the company and the country in question. For eg. If it is employment in Europe knowing the local language is almost essential. We do The Thomas personal profile analysis to determine that the candidate is also a behavioural match for the company.

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  • What is international recruitment agency?

    Shrofile Germany recruitment agency – Assisting Companies & Businesses in recruiting top talents. Shrofile leading Germany recruitment consulting firm, specialize in HR Services, Recruiting Services, Training & Development abroad.

  • Shrofile One of the best recruitment agencies in India, Shrofile is a Recruitment/Job Consultancy offers a comprehensive range of services: Specialized in Strategic HR solutions and Executive Search with the aim of supporting businesses of all sizes.

  • The 10 Best Countries For Working Abroad

    New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland, Hong Kong, UK, UAE, US, Canada, Germany, Itly

  • They create a database of candidates, from colleges and online resume collection and seggregate those resumes in categories of qualifications.

    Resumes of engineers, and management trainees and teachers etc. are organised accordingly and depending what a company is looking for that category of resumes is made accessible to the company. Similarly, they maintain a database of available jobs and when a job seeker approaches them they assist them apply for their suitable job.

    Placement consultants also work with colleges and institutions of India and connect them with companies for the placement season of the graduating students.

    IT companies in India are known for hiring students during their placement drives, and placement consultancies bring the two together. Bulk-Hirings in India is another popular concept which is assisted by placement consultancies.

  • Ease, for many job vacancies there is no-need for an intense process of scrutiny of the candidates and just a basic set of qualifications is stated for those roles.

    It is not effective for the companies to invest time in finding the candidates and this is when placement consultants provide them with an organised database of suitable candidates.

    These placement consultancies also develop policies and payroll documents based on companies budget and requirements, so the HR of the company has to only make the final selections after these shotlistings and a lot of time and effort is saved for the company.

  • They get to choose. When a job-seeker approaches a placement consultant they are presented with options of companies and options of jobs available.

    Placement consultants work with big companies, medium sized companies and also for small start-ups these days, There is the choice factor for the candidates in terms of exposure. They also have a network developed with the HR of companies and you reaching out to them, increases your chances of getting noticed.

    They sometimes also have interview training sessions that you can benefit from. We at Shrofile are constantly updating on our content for helping you in the interview-preparations.

    We also give you a digital platform to practice your virtual interviews, given the popularity of virtual-interviews these days, we recommend you checking it out.

    We also help you record your virtual-interview practice videos for you to have a better understanding of what you need to improve.

    We back up our virtual-interview preparations with AI’s that gives you an ellaborate feedback about what you did wonderfully and what you need to improve.

    Read more about it on our services page. So, it is an organized market-place where some shop for jobs and other’s shop for the right candidate. The metaphors used to explain placement consultancies are to remain reserved, just like Shrofile reserves your candidature for finding you the best suitable job. We look forward to helping you through you interviews/ career and finding the right candidates.

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