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Shrofile is the best recruitment services agency in India hiring leaders for the leading organizations. Being one of the top recruitment agencies, we offer end-to-end recruitment solutions across various industries.

Recruitment Services in India

Shrofile Finding the right talent at the right time requires ample planning and a crisp blueprint.

Consisting of a highly-standardised approach to understand every organisation’s needs, Shrofile Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the leading recruitment consultancies of the country.

Catering to over hundreds of clients and bestowing every talent to the most apt consortium, we believe that every opportunity is a threshold to multiple avenues of success.

Since 2016, we’ve helped organizations, of all shapes and sizes, improve their HR strategy, values and culture, sourcing and recruiting strategies, employment brand, processes, systems, and overall talent productivity.

Talent Search Process

Shrofile Recruitment Process?

Answering this we know that you think you already know it, but even the best recruitment process has room for improvement. Recruitment in the most understandable sense is the process of getting the best talent for the job at a company-approved cost, with benefits and rewards that keep the talent retained in the system and motivated to perform.

Shrofile Human Resources (HR) Consulting

Identifying the need/position:

Identifying what are the positions to be filled? what the expected quantity and quality of work? what are the company budgets for those profiles? What are the additional costs to keep into consideration?

Searching and screening for candidates:

This can be done with the help of existing employees, posting on social media, HR consultancies, and other media channels. After the search, there needs to be a screening process where the eligible candidates stand out from the other candidates. Shrofile uses advanced technological tools for candidate screening on the basis of keywords. These keywords can be picked by the employers basis the job. If it’s a skill-heavy job the keywords can involve software and certifications related to that job, which makes the process very close to 100% accuracy.

Interviewing the candidates:

The suitable questions for the profile are short-listed. For a few jobs, an interview is followed up with an assignment. The candidates are judged based on their interview skills. If you are a candidate reading this, you can brush up on your interview skills by practicing with our AI-enabled tool. Your eye contact, hand gestures, fumbles, etc. are recorded by the tool and an analyzed scope of improvement is provided to improve on. It is a very helpful tool to practice interview skills.

Shrofile Human Resources (HR) Consulting

Onboarding formalities:

Onboarding formalities include offer letter, joining letter, and induction formalities.

All of these steps are a part of recruitment but some tips can be followed to make sure you get the best talent for the profile:

The job description:

A well-defined job description helps with getting better applicants with the right qualification. A LinkedIn post for a job vacancy with a well-explained job description is a good strategy to find the applicants. It also makes it easy for the applicants to understand the roles and responsibilities, salary expectations, and apply accordingly. It can prove to be a time-saving effort for both parties.

Using screening tools:

There is mostly an overwhelming response for any vacancy. The number of applications to screen manually can invite unintentional errors. Using AI tools that Shrofile provides can make the process quick and error-free. It’s the modern way of making sure that you have shortlisted the right candidates.

Promoting internal reference policy:

An already hired employee knows the companies objectives, policies, and ways of working. They would know people suitable for the company and role, hence using their reference is also a cost-saving method.

Hiring an HR Recruitment Consultancy:

Especially for bulk-hirings, there is no better way. HR Recruitment Consultants have their links with colleges and candidates best suited for the company’s requirements. They have access to a database of candidates. They also assist you with the hiring process and onboarding formalities. Even after the recruitments they assist the company policies and explore tools, software, and methods for the effective functioning of the company. To read more on HR Recruitment Consultants explore our content page.

Why Shrofile Recruitment Consultancy

  • A Plan for Success

    You want results. Shrofile studies the organization’s HR needs and addresses them with relevant practices designed to bring predictable and measurable results.

    The goal is to identify the weak points of HR process and develop solutions that increase its cost-effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

  • Productivity is critical for efficient HR process that keeps the company moving forward.

    Our team increase the workflow’s productivity through carefully chosen tools and procedures that address recurrent and emerging needs.

  • Enabling back-and-forth communication between the employer and employees is critical for maintaining a healthy working environment.

    Our team develops a communication system that keeps every employee of the company on the same page and provides a platform to express their thoughts and opinions to the company.

  • We are responsive and flexible mid-sized research and consulting firm.

    We focus on streamlining HR workflow and making it cost-effective by implementing clear-cut flows with lean and adaptable solutions.

  • Automation is the key towards supercharging the workflow efficiency. However, not every workflow can benefit from it.

    Our team helps to determine which elements of the workflow can benefit from automation.

    We map out the possibilities and helps choose the effective recruiting automation solutions (both ATS and CRM) that fit the HR needs and elevate the client’s workflow on a new level.

Interested in knowing more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Key Practices / 360º Approach to talent and culture

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Shrofile HR Consultancy, Read our latest information to stay up to date with all the latest HR issues.

  • What is HR Consultancy?

    HR Consultancy provides expert advice in a particular field individuals or company. HR Consultants can work at a consultancy firm, operate as independent consultant, or else work as consultant within the company they work for (‘internal consultant’).

  • HR Consultant are responsible for maintaining communication between employees and administration. Being organised and strategic are key skills as an HR consultant, as you will be pulled around and your tasks will differ from day to day.

    HR consultant responsibilities

    HR consultant advising to management on human resources plans and processes

    Defining Core Values

    Outlining Associated Behaviour

    Rolling Out Values/Behaviours to Employees

    Embedding Values and Behaviours into HR Processes (Hiring, Performance and Recognition)

    Values Workshop

  • HR management has different areas to operate within and work in to ensure the right staff is hired, the current staff members are looked after, supported, and the wrong behaviour is appropriately responded to.

    Hiring, recruitment and onboarding

    Understand the recruitment needs of different departments

    Advertise job openings and receive applications

    Screen applications and schedule interviews

    Conduct multiple rounds of interviews

    Perform background checks for selected candidates

    Send offer letters and receive confirmations from candidates

    Training and development

    The HR consultants responsible for conducting training and development programs to help employees acquire new skills and perform better. This includes refresher training that ensures the employees are up to date with the latest developments in their areas of expertise. With good training, employees will be better able to enjoy their jobs and carry them out more effectively and efficiently.

    Compliance management

    HR compliance is a process of defining policies and procedures to ensure your employment and work practices demonstrate a thorough understanding of applicable laws and regulations, while also being aware of the company's larger human capital resources objectives.

    Employee engagement and satisfaction

    If a staff team finds satisfaction in their work and in the team, there’s much more room for good, productive work culture. This means making sure the culture is healthy as well as looking for opportunities for the employee to grow and develop new skills.

    Workforce planning

    The HR department needs to ensure that the goals and needs of your organization and its employees are consistent. This enables an organization to understand strategize on how to best align your business success and employee development.

    The role of the HR department in improving an organization's growth has evolved immensely over time, and it is now involved in nearly every essential aspect of an organization.

  • Cost effective


    Employee development

    Regaining primary focus

    Save time

    Employee satisfaction

    Minimizing risk management

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